USI offers €35,000 per annum salary to mental health campaign manager on five-month contract

The job has been initially advertised as a temporary position, with a contract of just five months

The Union of Students In Ireland (USI) is seeking to hire a worker to manage their campaigns around mental health.

The position, first advertised this morning, includes responsibility of co-managing the union’s awareness, education and policy work on mental health.

The role has been initially advertised as a temporary position, lasting “provisionally for five months” until December 2019. The position, to be paid at a rate of €35,000 per annum, would therefore offer €14,580 to a five-month employee. However, USI has indicated that as “one of the key objectives of the role is to work with funders to secure continuation of funding for the programme and campaigns”, it would “particularly suit a candidate able to begin promptly”.

The new position is set to replace the job of mental health project manager, currently held by Aoife Price, who is moving on from the organisation.

One of the first jobs of the new campaign manager will be to communicate the findings of a soon-to-be published USI report into student mental health, which was funded by the HSE and surveyed over 3,300 students.

Alongside its surveys and research, USI currently has two active campaigns on mental health, including the “ReCharge” campaign and the “+Connections” app.

The ReCharge campaign encourages students to improve their mental through health regular study breaks, drinking less and getting enough sleep.

The +Connections app directs students towards various mental health support services and includes information on approaching a friend if a student is worried about their friend’s mental health or their own.

Finn Purdy

Finn Purdy is the current Deputy Editor of Trinity News. He is a Junior Sophister English Studies student, and a former News Editor and Assistant News Editor.