The ultimate Freshers’ Week guide

If you don’t know what events you should attend this Freshers’ Week, Trinity News has you covered

Freshers’ Week is here again! Oh, however will you figure out how to make the best of the week? How will you whittle down the potential itinerary to a manageable shape, while still keeping all the good stuff? Well ye lucky scoundrels – it’s been done for you! Without further ado, here is Trinity News’ 2019 Freshers’ Guide – so you can pick the best events of the day without having to lift a finger (except to your phone screen). You are most welcome.

Free-est free food:

Students who buy as much as one cereal bar during Freshers’ Week have well and truly played themselves. Instead, play the game, and keep your money for the night-time shenanigans that are sure to drain your funds soon. Trinity, to the trained eye, morphs into a cornucopia at this time of year. Take advantage of this bountiful period while you can. Head over to the GMB in the morning to tuck into a free breakfast. Societies such as Vegan Soc and Film Soc will be hosting events in conjunction with The Hist. Vegan Soc, for example, will be serving up some tasty tuck on Wednesday morning at 9am. Vegan Soc will also be putting on a picnic the day before in the Rose Garden at 2pm.

Best craic:

Freshers’ Week, as per usual, has the societies churning out the hits. Your Monday night out has been completely sorted, thanks to The Hist, The Phil, LawSoc and Ents in collaboration with  and the very sought after Mother DJs. The Hist are celebrating 250 years of the most logical discourse around by threatening all of our rational faculties with crates of free drink. They will be hosting a pre-drinks in the GMB on Monday at 7.30pm, after which the party will move to Opium for Carnivlaw – a night that has been described on one Facebook event page as “the flair and fanfare of Mardi Gras and Cirque de Soleil all rolled into one!” – scintillating stuff. The next day, DUDJ and Ents will be heading to Trinity’s Rose Garden at 3pm for a three hour set. If the weather is nice, it will be a must-attend event. Coisir Na Gealaí will be hitting the DTWO dance floor on Wednesday, and infamous strings legend Daithí has been warming up his bowstrings for us. On Friday, DUDJ will be back again to takeover the Pav, and our hearts. Something else that tugs on the heartstrings here is the free entry.

Most productive:

Freshers’ Week can be the least fresh time of year, so it is wise to get in some TLC. DU Dance will be offering a free dance class per day in room 4050B in the Arts Building. Keep the post-sesh blues away with a little shimmy and sway, and the consequent serotonin (and other types of toning). Classes will start at 5pm with a different instructor and style daily. If you’d rather lie down, try some DIY with Vis Arts. The society will be hosting an ambitious tote-bag making/consent camp workshop crossover. Leave with your head full of information, your heart full of good vibes, and a sweet tote-bag ready to be filled with whatever your heart desires.

Most relaxing:

Vis Arts are queens of the campus when it comes to a relaxing atmosphere and they have come through for us again this week. Last year, the society held several extremely successful Paint & Sip nights and they are back this week, baby! Visit House 6 at 6pm on Wednesday if you want a paintbrush in one hand, a wine glass in the other hand and lastly, an easel in your third hand. Painting is good for your soul and the wine helps keep your hand steady. Later in the week, Vis Arts will be bringing us on a tour of the city’s art galleries in conjunction with DUPA between 2pm and 4pm. If you are new to the city (or otherwise), this can be a lovely way of introducing yourself to the city’s art scene. However, if art isn’t for you – fear not! The most commonly loved and appreciated creatures on the planet will be taking over The Hist on Tuesday at 12pm – puppies! More specifically a room full of them, all playing with each other, and being cute. Cure the midweek fear with some good floppy ears and wagging rears. Empirically speaking, perhaps the most relaxing events of the week are set to be hosted by none other than DU Meditation Society. Feel yourself leave the material realm (good riddance!), and meditate on the year to come and how to make it a good one.

This article was updated at 11am Monday September 2 to correct an error relating to the listed society organisers of Carnivlaw. 

Gráinne Quigley

Gráinne Quigley is a Deputy Societies Editor for Trinity News.