This week in Trinity: Deadly wrath, dancing and a language lesson

From film writing to jazz jamming, week 6 has plenty in store

This week in Trinity we are only one week away from that glorious period known as reading week- the period of catching up on sleep. Getting through so far to this half-way point is no mean feat, and few do it unscathed. Let’s have a moment of silence for the parts of us that have died while stuck in the 24 hour library, and pray that they might return to us in another shape or form. This can be a very busy week in the library, as many students have mid-term assignments looming. Society events are a great way of breaking up a mundane library cram session, and taking breaks might feel counterintuitive, yet it’s anything but. Rejuvenate yourself this week with the following prime society offerings.

On Monday night, Trinity Film Review and DU Film Society are teaming up to bring students the workshop Writing About Film. This event is a must if you are interested in writing for Trinity Film Review, a new publication on campus that has been very successful since its establishment. Anyone with an interest in film is qualified to give their two cents, so this could be your chance to learn how to put those two cents in an engaging format for others to read.

DU Dance is throwing plenty of shapes this week. This week the society have three workshops: an Irish dancing workshop (on Tuesday at 7pm), a Salsa class (on Wednesday at 7.45pm) and an Afro Workshop (on Thursday at 6pm). Internationally, shape throwing is known to be beneficial for mood and concentration- so take a break from the Lecky and break a leg instead. Classes are €3.00, which is cheaper than a Perch coffee and arguably better at waking you up. The perch had a deal on coffee during the summer that was €3.50 for a coffee and doughnut, the best deal I have ever seen on offer from the place. Not a sniff of that when, you know, the fee-paying students are there.

On Thursday night TCD Chinese Society is giving Mandarin lessons. If you’re the type full of talk that you want to learn Mandarin it’s surely your time to put the money in the position where your lips are. Mandarin is one of the most commonly spoken languages, a great one to have a few words in.

Several societies seem to have picked Tuesday night as their big night out on the town. DU Alternative Music Society (DUAMS) in collaboration with Cumann Gaeleach, and several others, are heading out at 7pm for their Mic Oscailte: a mix of comedy, music agus píosa bheag gaeilge (n’fheadar). This eclectic mix is set to be a smash. At the same time, Jazz Soc are planning on getting well and groovy for their Jazz Jam. Then as the creme de la crop, Envirosoc and Ents have teamed up to give us all The Seven Deadly Sins// Wrath. Fulfill your needs for a boogie this Tuesday night.

You may as well spend your last week in Trinity before the “reading” break sampling some society events.

Gráinne Quigley

Gráinne Quigley is a Deputy Societies Editor for Trinity News.