Dublin’s ultimate affordable cocktails

Alison Traynor discusses the best places to buy cocktails that don’t cost more than a pint

Cocktails are certainly not a common staple of student nights out. Instead, our bank balances dictate that we must survive on Tesco vodka and the pain-and-misery-in-a-bottle known as Buckfast. Yet, this does not have to be the case any more, because Trinity News has got you covered. We have brought you all of the hacks that you need to enjoy the best cocktails that Dublin has to offer for the price of a pint or less.

Fade Street Social

Fade Street Social is a bar with a bloated sense of its own importance, but there is no denying that its cocktails are first-rate, albeit excessively priced. Thankfully, you can still enjoy the drinks it has to offer without blowing your entire budget, because every Tuesday, all of the cocktails on its Classic Menu are two for one. Make sure to head upstairs to its charmingly rustic rooftop bar, because it is a much cosier environment than any of the restaurant’s interior rooms. I would especially recommend trying the Amaretto Sour, Tom Collins or White Russian, but if these aren’t to your taste, there is a whole range of drinks to choose from, with both old school classics and more unusual concoctions making the cut. Cocktail prices range from €10 to €13, so if you order two, each individual cocktail will cost between €5 and €6.50. It would be rude not to!

Harry’s on the Green

Harry’s on the Green is yet another prestigious bar that is terribly expensive. However, from 5pm to 9pm on Thursdays, their cocktails are two for one, so it is the ideal spot to go to for a couple of pre-drinks or a casual evening with friends as the end of the week approaches. It is also worth keeping an eye on Groupon, because cocktail deal vouchers for Harry’s on the Green appear there from time to time. With decadent New York inspired decor, the bar feels like it came straight out of The Great Gatsby, and the drinks that they serve are incredible. You have not lived until you have tried their Ferrero Rocher cocktail, which is made with vanilla vodka, white cacao liqueur, hazelnut syrup and ovaltine. Some other great options are the Singapore Sling, Ginito and Zombie (if you are willing to risk a stomach-pumping session, that is).

Bison Bar

As much as I love Workman’s, I have always been mildly disturbed by the so-called cocktails that they serve there. I distinctly remember one Wednesday night, when I was under the influence of some noxious fluid masquerading as a mojito, I accidentally found myself in its attached Bison Bar. This discovery was certainly a pleasant surprise, because I came to learn that their cocktails are absolutely delicious and very reasonably priced. The bar emulates the Wild West, with pictures of Jane Cannery on the wall and saddles which can be used as chairs scattered around the place. In my experience, the bartenders have always been very accommodating and are willing to make up certain cocktails even if they are not listed on the menu. I would highly recommend Bison Bar for anybody who loves cocktails but dislikes the pretentious surroundings that they are often served in.

Four Dame Lane

Four Dame Lane is a great place to go if budget beverages are what you seek. From Sundays to Thursdays, selected cocktails are two for €12. Although it is a little pricier, you can also buy two Old-Fashioneds for €15 on Fridays. In particular, their mojitos and daiquiris have proven to be real hits. Overall, the bar feels like a more sterile version of Cassidy’s. It is comfortable and casual, with contrived urban vibes that come in the shape of brickwork walls and music memorabilia galore. It also has a loft area which is filled with ping pong tables and board games, making it the perfect place to settle in for a relaxing night during the week, while DJs take up residence there on Fridays and Saturdays.

Alfie’s Restaurant

Located on South William Street, Alfie’s Restaurant is another excellent option if you want to try some high-quality cocktails. The bar itself is very slick, with leather chairs, ornate wallpaper and table lamps which cast an intimate light over the room. In terms of pricing, certain drinks on their menu are a little expensive, but there are plenty of other delicious options that cost €6 or under. The Alfie cocktail, for example, costs just €5, and is comprised of vodka, triple sec, lime and pineapple juice. Their Strawberry Daiquiri is also extremely tasty, as is their Tequila Sunrise and delightfully fruity Bay Breeze. If you are going there with a group, it is a good idea to invest in one of their giant sharing bowls, which will undoubtedly keep you cheerful well into the night.

Alison Traynor

Alison Traynor is the current Life Editor of Trinity News.