Murder, American history and Blindboy at Dublin Podcast Festival

An eclectic range of shows are in store at this weekend’s festival

A clear explanation of Brexit, an analysis of a beloved teen fiction series, and two comedians discussing horrific murders are just a few of the things which will be explored by the Dublin Podcast Festival lineup. The podcast buzz is all around, with a recent study from earlier this year showing that 37% of Irish people listen to a podcast once a month. It’s not difficult to see why. Podcasts can be an antidote to lonely walks and lazy Sundays, improve long flights and commuting, and make your gym session all the more insightful.  The fact that listening to them often feels like a good friend chatting in your ear is why podcasts are making their mark in Ireland. Here is a selection of the best events of Dublin Podcast Festival to check out.

Double Love – The Sweet Valley Podcast – November 21 at The Podcast Studios 

Sweet Valley High is an American teen fiction series popular in the 1980s, with two blonde and seemingly perfect sisters, Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield, as the protagonists, whose teen lives take turbulent and terrific turns. The series is examined by two female friends who give their takes on the book series that defined their teenage years. Think two gals lovingly roasting a beloved yet arguably problematic series. 

Jarlath Regan presents An Irishman Abroad and Men Behaving Better – November 21 at The Sugar Club 

A podcast host who will be no stranger to Irish audiences, Jarlath Regan is an Irish comedian, author and creator who hosts the Irishman Abroad podcast. Although he has garnered fame for his comedy, with which he has toured internationally, he is also equally well known for his award winning podcast. The interview format of his podcast means that content differs every week and includes various Irish celebrity personalities such as Hozier, Glen Hansard, Aidan Gillen, and Chris O’Dowd. The November 21 show will include interviews with Peter Stringer and Donnacha O’Callaghan, while the bonus show, Men Behaving Better, will include Irish comedians Simon Delaney and Tara O’Flynn. With a listenership of over 1 million people worldwide, this is one that can’t be missed.

The Dollop – November 21 at Liberty Hall

The year is 2019… and this one is for the history buffs. The Dollop host Dave Anthony presents an array of whimsical and absurd tales from the American history books to his co-host Gareth Reynolds. Reynolds, hearing these comical tales for the first time, provides hilarious reactions. With topics such as the Rajneeshees, the LAPD, and childbirth in America, to name a few, the stories get more and more bizarre, and the comedy all the better.

Irish Times Inside Politics and What am Politics?  – November 22 at The Workman’s Club

Struggling to figure out the US elections? Wondering what impact Brexit will actually have if it fights its way through? The Irish Times Inside Politics Podcast has the answers in a way that won’t make you even more puzzled. Since its origins in 2014, the podcast has analysed global and Irish politics with host Hugh Linehan and an array of journalists and politicians as guests. This podcast combines with What am Politics – an arguably lighter alternative with two mates, one, a self confessed non expert, and the other a “politically savvy” sort (we all know one) make sense of the political scenarios which dominate the headlines with a more comedic approach. 

The Blindboy Podcast – November 24 at Vicar Street 

Blindboy of Rubberbandits fame has truly made his mark on the podcast scene for his openness and honesty in relation to many issues which dominate public consciousness, including feminism, gun laws, mental health, and racism. His authenticity is due to the fact that he tells it like it is. It is refreshing to hear someone actually do this, without big words masking and making the internal meaning inaccessible. If you want to hear some real home truths and find yourself thinking of the bigger picture, this Limerick boy has got you.

My Favourite Murder – November 24 (sold out) and 25 at the Bord Gais Energy Theatre 

My Favorite Murder is a crime-comedy podcast hosted by comediennes Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark. A regular top 10 on the iTunes comedy podcast chart, My Favorite Murder has been featured in The New York Times and Rolling Stone. When touring live, the duo tell true crime stories from the area they are visiting, so expect some Irish true crime gems to be discussed. The comedic side, all the more appreciated with this unorthodox show, will appeal to “Murderinos” old and new. 

The David McWilliams Podcast – November 28 at Vicar Street 

Ah economics, the subject which is almost universally acknowledged to be polarising and difficult. David McWilliams’ podcast has become one of the most listened to podcasts in the country, which should prove to us that perhaps the topic isn’t so bad. After launching in May of this year, this weekly podcast explores both political and economic societal issues in an accessible way. With themes such as the housing crisis, the fragility of democracy and China’s unique approach to foreign influence, it will provide you with a sophisticated, intellectual time, and conversation starters your parents may well be impressed with. David McWilliams’ podcast may just be the one for you. 

Ticket prices range from €15 to €49 for all events.

Suzanne Flynn

Suzanne Flynn is the current Deputy Life Editor for Trinity News, and a Senior Sophister Law and German student.