This week in Trinity: bookshops, Biosoc and 12 Pubs of Christmas

Some more low-key events are in store as societies wind down for Christmas

After twelve weeks of lectures, labs, lunch breaks and navigating Trinity administration, the last teaching week of Michaelmas term is upon us, and with it, a winding down of society life as the college prepares for Christmas assessments. As the term draws to a close, essay deadlines and revision notes pile up while more recreational pursuits fall by the wayside. It’s a quiet week for most societies as students shift their focus to academics. That said, societies will always provide a space for anyone feeling in need of a break from the grind.

If you find yourself lacking inspiration in the midst of all these essays and exams, three societies are hosting guests this week who are sure to provide some food for thought. On Monday, Biosoc will be celebrating Women in Medicine, an evening focused on women in the medical profession and their experiences. The speaker lineup will include women working in the fields of medicine, surgery and general practice who are sure to offer wisdom and insights into the challenges of gender stereotypes in their profession. This is a great opportunity for any women currently studying medicine or for anyone interested in a medical career.

Also on Monday, Game of Thrones actor Aidan Gillen will be visiting the University Philosophical Society to receive the Bram Stoker Medal of Cultural Achievement, with a talk and Q&A taking place in the GMB at 5.30 pm. On Tuesday, the Metafizz’s last talk of the term will be held in the GSU Common Room at 7.30 pm. This will be the Second Address from the Department of Ultimology, a project originally created by two Trinity students in 2016 for the study of dead and dying disciplines and methodologies. Either of these fascinating talks would make a worthwhile study break.

If you’re looking for a cosy, low key event this week, Trinity’s societies have you covered. For a fun night in check out the Hist’s Wednesday night debate, This House Believes that Art Can Change the World, where you’ll find free snacks both before and after the debate. Or try DUCSS’s Wacky Games Night at 6 pm on Thursday, an evening of games ranging from Rock paper scissors to Minesweeper, a slightly less competitive event than their “Fighting Game Weeklies”. If you’re in the market for Christmas gifts or reading list suggestions, join LitSoc on a trip to Hodges Figgis at 1.45 pm Tuesday, where the bookseller in charge of the children’s and YA sections will be on hand to offer recommendations and literary chats. And for a pick-me-up in between lectures, societies such as PolSoc and SpaceSoc will be holding their last coffee hours of this term.

Even if you’re neck-deep in essays and have ten exams to study for, there’s still room for some Christmas spirit in the last week before we all disperse for the holidays. Many societies are holding Christmas parties this week. Get into the festive spirit with Q-Soc at their Nightmare Before Christmas screening on Tuesday at 6.30 pm, followed by DU History’s 12 Pubs of Christmas, beginning at 7 pm at the Pav. Maybe by a Christmas miracle you’ll be in on time to find a seat in the library the next day.

Societies may be wrapping up for Michaelmas term, but there is still much more in store for when we return in January. But why not get your foot in the door this week, for nothing quite brings people together like the Yuletide spirit (and the shared pressure of the never ending cycle of essays and exams!)

Maggie Larson

Maggie Larson is a Computational Journalist for Trinity News, and a former Deputy Societies Editor.