This week in Trinity: High Society, Hogwarts archery and a film festival

There are plenty of great society events on this week to help you beat the winter blues

Winter is well and truly upon us, for better or for worse. Upon seeing the final leaves fall from the trees, the urge is to batten down the hatches and hide from any hint of cold or rain, curling up next to the radiator until it has all passed us by. But, there are more than enough events being held this week to bring us together and celebrate what we love!

In that vein, Wednesday promises a truly gargantuan collaboration between 15 different societies. High Society sees the societies of House 6 taking over the building for an evening of formal wear and informal shenanigans. DU Comedy will be running a game of Cards Against Trinity, DU Film will be hosting a massive game of Guess That Movie Quote, Trinity FM will be live streaming shows that you can walk into and become a part of, to name just a few events on offer. All of this will be set to the musical stylings of the Trinitones, the Trinity Belles and DUDJ. So whether you are looking to get involved in some new societies or just looking for a fun night and a few refreshments, do not miss this.

Also collabing are DU Film and DU Gender Equality Society with the Women Over 50 Film Festival on Friday evening. This sees a screening of a programme from the UK based film festival followed by a Q and A in the Synge Theatre.

Perhaps the change of seasons just reminds you of the ticking time bomb that the environment has become. If so, you can put your mind at ease with a number of environmental themed events happening this week to help you think about how you can do your part. Vegan Society, Environmental Society and DU Food and Drink are all coming together on Wednesday (before High Society, don’t you worry) to host Food for Thought. This consists of a workshop run by Zaneta Wright, from, on how to manage a low food waste diet, with other sustainable food tips and tasty snacks from local, vegan food producers.

Alternatively, if you still feel like you would rather talk through some of the issues surrounding Climate Change, DU General Science Society and Trinity Young Greens are hosting a walking debate. This is a casual and fun way to try out debating and will be sure to touch on a range of topics that are guaranteed to get a good conversation going.

As we approach the end of the year, there is a tendency to look toward traditions and the past (real or fictional), and the final group of events worth looking into this week all seem to follow that trend. First up, we have the Classical Society’s tour of St. Michan’s Crypt on Thursday. This will see the society touring the medieval church’s underground crypts to look on an 800 year-old crusader mummy and learn a bit more about the crypts and medieval Dublin.

If that’s too real for you, the Science Fiction and Fantasy Society are teaming up with the Archery Club to host Hogwarts Archery on Friday. This will be a beginner friendly tournament, where participants are all encouraged to come in their house colours and compete for the coveted House Cup.

So, yes, the evenings may be getting dark and cold, but that doesn’t mean your social life has to. Get out there, spend some time with friends, and enjoy everything our societies have on offer this week.

Robert Gibbons

Robert Gibbons is the current Societies Editor for Trinity News.