TCDSU Council vote to renew policies on harm reduction and Northern Irish students

The policies were set to expire, having been last voted on in the 2016/17 academic year

Trinity College Students’ Union (TCDSU) Council voted to renew a number of policies from 2016/2017 this evening, ranging from harm reduction at Ents events to lobbying for the implementation of the UN Convention in the Rights for Persons with Disabilities.

The first of these policies was the policy of Ents Officer support. In the motion, Council noted that “the mandated policy enacted in 2016 obliges that the Ents officer should assist part-time officers, if requested, in the booking, organising, and marketing of events or campaigns associated with the relevant position purposes”.

Council passed a motion ensuring that gender neutral bathrooms are available at all union events, where possible.

Council also approved the renewal of a 2016 mandated policy which “obliges that harm reduction efforts be made at Ents events in general, specifically Trinity Ball”.

Furthermore, TCDSU voted to renew the 2016/2017 Motion on Government Lobbying to Support the Rights of People with Disabilities. The original mandated policy “obliges that TCDSU lobby the government to support the rights of people with disabilities, including the proper implementation of the UN Convention on the Rights for Persons with Disabilities”.

Finally, Council approved the renewal of a motion on students from Northern Ireland. The original mandated policy obliged “that TCDSU continue to lobby against fee increases for students from Northern Ireland, and in addition, campaign and lobby against further restrictions on crossing the border, as well as any restrictions to higher education access to students from Northern [Ireland]”. The mandate also obliges “the SU President organise a series of open discussions over one week each year, where students can discuss the particular difficulties faced by students from Northern Ireland and the border counties and the best way the SU can campaign and lobby on these difficulties”.

Additional reporting by Madalyn Williams.

Jessica Hobbs Pifer

Jessica Hobbs Pifer is a Deputy News Editor of Trinity News. She is a Senior Fresh Middle Eastern and European Languages and Cultures student.