This Week at Trinity: Scavenger hunts and Spooky Science

Discover all the Halloween-inspired tricks and treats in store for this week

As Halloween quickly approaches, Trinity’s Societies have conjured up some special and spooky events for you all. It is safe to say that 2020 has been one of the most scary years of our lives thus far, both in a social and political sense. Therefore, it might be the case that most of us just want some good old-fashioned scares. Perhaps these Halloween inspired events can be a fun cathartic release for the unconventional horror of 2020.

Our series of Halloween events kick off on Monday afternoon as the Japanese Society will be hosting a Halloween Riddle Room. They have created a virtual escape room filled with creepy clues to see if you can worm your way out of their traps. So, if you think you’re smart enough to find your way out of the top of Mt.Inari-san in Kyoto at night, over Zoom of course, join the Japanese Society at 4:00pm today. However, if riddles aren’t your strong point and you’re less-talk-and-more-do then never fear as the Korean Society has you covered. Beginning at 6:00pm, the society will be hosting Online Charades for anyone that thinks they can rise to the challenge. A Zoom where everyone won’t be speaking over each other certainly seems quite appealing. 

Tuesday comes packed with a variety of events to leave us spoiled for choice. While the new nationwide lockdown has placed limitations on how you can express yourself and who you can talk to, the Q Soc is hosting a Zoom Closed Space for Men Who Like Men (MLM) kicking off at 3:00pm. Q Soc discloses that this event is for anyone who identifies as MLM, or if you have questions and wish to discuss experiences and what being MLM means. It is important to note that Q Soc stresses that its event welcomes trans and nonbinary people, and, it being a safe space, all who attend must treat the topics discussed with the uttermost respect. 

That evening you may find yourself torn between being creative, competitive or cozy. Firstly, the TCD Botanical Society has teamed up with VisArts to host an online Autumn Wreath Making Class over Zoom. If that tickles your fancy then go for a walk within your 5km, grab some of those gorgeous yellow leaves that are falling all over the country and hurry home for 6:00pm to make this class. If gaming is more your thing then DU Gamers is hosting an online Intro to Commander Class, also beginning at 6:00pm. This magical fantasy game will be taught over Discord, so sign up and find yourself transported into a whole new world. However, don’t feel bad if you just want to curl up in front of the movie DU Gender Equality Society (DUGES) are screening, the 1994 horror and murder-mystery short White Men Are Cracking Up from 6:00pm onwards. With a panel discussion afterwards, you have a chance to share your ideas. 

The fun doesn’t stop here. Tuesday evening wraps up Freshers Findings with a collaboration between the DU Zoo Society and the Envirosoc. At 8pm, when this virtual scavenger hunt will commence, you will have to complete ten themed rounds where, in each, you’ll have two minutes to find specific items with your team. If you’re dying to meet new people in a fun interactive way, then this Halloween hunt is for you.  

If it’s music that tickles your fancy, then on Wednesday you can find yourself taking your first Digital Audio Workshop with the DU Music Society. Starting at 6:00pm, this introductory class could be the beginning of a successful music career. Or if you have things that you need getting off your chest, once again DUGES will look after you. They have teamed up with the Pagan society to hold a Witch and Bitch BYOB session. Starting at 6:00pm, they will meet to discuss all things feminist and witchy, and of course, the company of spirits are encouraged. But, if the US elections are playing on your mind and you still can’t decide which problematic white man to vote for, then join the Hist’s online debate: This House Would: Vote Biden at 7:30pm. 

On Thursday the FLAC will be hosting an online panel discussion at 6:00pm titled Injustice In The Criminal Justice System: A Criminal Injustice. With a variety of acclaimed speakers on this topic, it will be extremely interesting to hear the FLAC engage with the notions of reform and discriminatory behaviour within this system. 

Friday wraps up the week with an array of spooky socials to prep you for a Halloween at home. At 7:00pm DU Film society will be screening The Witches movie, a classic treat to really get you in the mood. Although, at the same time, the Korean Society is wrapping up their Halloween series with a Gonjiam Movie Screening. Whichever of the two you choose, be sure to bring your teddy and a pillow along for safety. Finally, the DU General Science Society will come to the rescue to explain our fantasies with some Spooky Science. At 8:00pm, the society will explain some of the science behind ghost sightings and discuss the history of contacting the dead with international expert Benjamin Radford.

Despite these dark times of isolation and quarantine, Trinity’s societies have shown there is much to look forward to this week, and Covid-19 is no match for Halloween fun.