Your weekend according to the stars: Halloween Horoscopes

DU Astro Soc’s Buse Tobin looks at what the stars have in store for this spooky season

Venus in Libra, as well as a full moon, offers a time for indulgence and sensuality. That, coupled with Halloween season, and it’s time for some spooky fun. Here are our recommendations on what Covid-friendly activities to entertain this Halloween night.


You might be feeling staunched by the decadent energy in the air. Reclaim that wild streak by finding and exploring your local haunted house. Race to see who will get murdered first!


Now’s your time baby, doesn’t that full moon energy feel delicious? Gather your housemates and dress decadently while celebrating your full moon with a lavish feast.


Dress in your most outrageous costume and go down to the local outdoor haunt. You’re your senses! Dance, dance, dance!


Feel that full moon and make friends with your house ghost. See what grisly murders have taken place in the attic in your head!


Embrace that Venusian energy and dress in your sexiest Halloween costume. Luxuriate in a night of solo pleasure. Who knows what spirits will join!


Time to indulge with material pleasures – carve a funky pumpkin and bake a delicious pumpkin pie. If it’s good enough, sacrifice it to your favourite god.


Venus is here for you, Libra. Embrace the sensuality with a nude tarot reading beside your lover. What do you desire? Release yourself with a howl for the moon.


The sun, though hidden, burns this month for you, Scorpio. Follow that fiery energy into an eerie séance. You have the ear of the dead on this hallowed eve.


Embrace your inner demons. Race beside the ocean as you feel that lunar ambience. Perhaps the moon will pull you with the tides.


Venus tries to ply you, Capricorn, but you pay her no heed. Now is the time to solve that local murder, no matter what unruly ghosts may threaten you.


The moon is full tonight, Aquarius. It is the perfect time to summon an indulgent deity. Let them shower you with abundant thanks.


Mysticism is abound this night – time to do a spell for completion. As the spell closes, light your fire instruments – sparklers, candles and bonfires – and dance amongst the flames.

Happy Halloween to all – don’t forget to luxuriate in the night.