This week at Trinity: Rainbow Week

This week, Trinity has everything from Music to Mammals, closed spaces, and coffee hours to get you back into the swing of college life

On Monday Q-Soc kicked off Rainbow Week 2020 by hosting a closed space for Men who Like Men (MLM) at 3pm. For anyone who hasn’t attended one of Q-Soc’s closed spaces before, these are non-judgmental spaces welcome to everyone. They aim to give students a chance to meet people with similar identities, and to discuss personal LGBTQ+ experiences in an open manner. To commemorate Rainbow Week, Q-Soc will be hosting a closed space everyday this week for a variety of different groups. 

Then, some revived a gloomy Monday by attending the Korean Society’s Webinar with Sodom Solana from 6:00pm – 7:30pm. Sodom Solana, is an acclaimed dancer and the Irish winner of the Grand Prize at the K-POP World Festival. 

Tuesday is packed with a huge variety of events to choose from. Again starting at 3pm, Q-Soc’s closed space welcomes all those under the umbrella term “Bi+”. Later, SOFIA & DU Amnesty are hosting a talk on the Second Karabakh War from 5:30pm – 6:30pm. The two societies have teamed up to invite Artak Ayunts, a conflict resolution expert and analyst of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, to discuss The Second Karabakh War and the Bigger Picture of the Issues of Conflict and Peace. 

Perhaps you fancy getting slightly creative this week? If so, this Tuesday, join Trinity’s Environmental Society (Enviro Soc) at 7:00pm to learn how to build a boat out of old plastic. This event is a fun way to get people thinking about their plastic consumption and climate change impacts such as rising sea levels. 

For anyone who is struggling in isolation or finding the 5km restrictions too daunting, then this Wednesday at 12:00pm – 1:00pm the Dublin University Computer Science Society (DUCSS) is hosting a discord coffee hour discussing mental health over lockdown. DUCSS will be joined by a representative from Niteline, who will discuss the work they do as well as how you can avail of their services if facing difficult experiences. Later, the Q-Soc’s closed space for Women Who Like Women will take place at the usual time – 3:00pm. 

You’ll find yourself spoilt for choice this Wednesday evening, with a number of events for all different interests. In keeping with the theme of Rainbow Week, from 6:00pm – 8:00pm, The Dublin University Gender Equality Society (DUGES) is hosting a screening of Balloon; described as a modern fairytale that explores gender through the lens of the superhero myth. At the same time, DU Amnesty, Germanic Society, DU Modern Languages and An Cumann Gaelach have all united to host a discussion about Language Barriers in Activism. Tune in over Zoom to find out more about how intercultural communication can affect activism. 

If neither films nor activism are your passions, what about elephants? Also starting at 6:00pm, the DU Zoo Society are hosting a talk with Gerry Creighton, the Dublin Zoo operations manager. Named Giant Footsteps: The future of the Asian Elephant, Creighton will discuss the role that the modern Zoo can play in the conservation of the Asian elephant. Do you prefer music to mammals? If so, this Wednesday the DU Music Society speaks to Gemma Dunleavy at 7:00pm. Dunleavy is an Dublin-based songwriter and producer who will discuss her new EP, Up De Flats, which is described as a love letter to her community growing up in the north inner city. 

On Thursday, Q-Soc’s host a Trans and Non-binary closed space at 3pm. Following this, DU Gamers have welcomed all to their “Board Game Jam Showcase & Board Games Night”. From 6:00pm – 9:00pm, you can discover what the members of DU Games have been up to last reading week as they show off their own prototype board games designed with the theme of Escapism! Or if you would like a more relaxed evening, then at 7:00pm tune into the online screening of Hidden Figures hosted by the SciSoc and the DU Physics Society. If you would rather get political this Thursday, the Social Democrats are holding an event called An Inside Look Into the Lives of Councillors. From 8:00pm – 9:30pm, the Trinity-based society will welcome four councillors from the Social Democratic party to discuss their experiences with local government.

Q-Soc wrap up the week with their final closed space – asexual. Then, at 7:00pm test your knowledge of Spanish speaking countries with a quiz hosted by the DU Hispanic Society – prizes to be won! Finally, finish Friday night by attending the Debating Games: Zombie Edition. A huge collaboration of DU Amnesty, the FLAC, Enviro Soc, Global Development, and the Hist; they have created a debating battle, with topics ranging from zombies, to the environment, global development and legal issues. From 8:00pm – 10:00pm you will be split into teams to chat about your side of the debate, and then you must battle and see who wins!

It seems that there is something for everyone this Rainbow Week.