This week in Trinity: Comedy, Murder Trials and Drunken Politics

Comedy stand up, mock murder trials and drunken politics are sure to bring some laughter as we round off the month of November

With Grafton Street alight and December almost upon us, there’s been an undeniably Christmassy shift in atmosphere these past two weeks. Before we all officially pull on our Santa hats and Christmas pyjamas, there is still the last week of November to squeeze out, and with that, Thanksgiving, which falls this Thursday. American or otherwise, we all have something to be thankful for, or at least hopeful for, this week, what with the possibility of a viable vaccine in the works and the potential for the lifting of Level 5 lockdown imminent. If nothing else, there are Trinity’s societies to be thankful for, which invariably brighten up this semester of recorded lectures and Zoom tutorials. 

This Monday, the Comedy Soc is holding their semester one Graduation Gig at 9pm, where you can watch their newly trained comedians present their first ever stand up comedy set with the added challenge of performing on Zoom. Also at 9pm on Monday, the Environmental Society are interviewing the Irish Native Woodland Trust on their Instagram. If you aren’t already a tree fanatic, you should be, and can use this as an opportunity to learn more about how vital they are. The conversation will focus on why and how the Native Woodland Trust Charity is working to restore native tree species.

On Tuesday, DU Gender Equality Trinity and LitSoc are collaborating to bring you a Normal People Coffee Hour. Having watched or read Normal People is practically a Trinity College acceptance prerequisite at this stage, and I think we all have something to say about it, complementary or otherwise. The Coffee Hour will specifically focus on how both the novel and TV series depict men’s mental health. DUBES is also holding a CV Workshop on Tuesday evening at 7pm, joined in by Alannah Higgins from LinkedIn, to discuss what to do, or not do, when creating a CV. This might be one for final year students who are growing more anxious about taking the next step as the year spirals into its second semester.

For something a little less stress-inducing, the Japanese Society are holding their second crafting event on Wednesday at 4pm. They will be making Christmas garlands and TeruTeru Bozu dolls, which are traditional Japanese handmade figures said to ward off rain. At 9.30pm on Wednesday, DU Players and Law Soc will be holding their much anticipated mock murder trial. With the scene of the crime being Law Soc’s annual law ball, attended by Ivanka Trump and the murder victim dressed as Funghi, we can expect much hilarity, as is the case with any of Players’ mock debates. Also on Wednesday is the Film Society’s Discord Writers room, if you are an aspiring script writer looking for guidance. 

Thursday brings Film Society’s screening of V for Vendetta at 7pm. In honour of the American holiday, DU Gender Equality Trinity are holding their weekly book club on The Good Immigrant USA, a collection of essays exploring the experiences of first and second generation immigrants in an increasingly divided country.

To round off the week, Trinity Politics Society are hosting their first Inebriated Conversations of the year on Friday at 6.30pm. If you’re that person who always ends up exhausting your friends with intensely delivered political opinions after a few pints, then this is certainly something for you. Even if you are less politically inclined, it’s an opportunity for a spot of socialising on Friday evening. 

Remember to check Facebook and your emails for other society events and coffee hours happening throughout the week.