House 50 residents offered rooms off-campus due to noise disruptions

Construction on the Day Nursery has disturbed students in accommodation

Some students living on campus are being offered a move to another room off-campus due to noise from construction works on the Day Nursery.

House 50 residents impacted by the noise are being offered a 50% refund on their February license fee. 

Essential works are currently taking place at the crèche after the Day Nursery project was delayed due to the Government shutdown of construction sites during Covid-19 restrictions. 

According to students, the noise disturbance has been occurring for several weeks.

“It’s really, really loud,” one student explained. “Really loud drilling, builders playing music really loudly, just shouting and stuff like that.”

“Basically it’s made it a really inhospitable environment, even though we as tenants have a right to peaceful dwellings, it’s not been like that at all.” 

Students expressed that they have “consistently and repeatedly” complained to College and the Accommodation Office about the disturbance, and “finally” they were able to get in touch with the head of accommodation, who a few days later, has offered to give students a 50% rebate and alternative accommodation elsewhere until March 1. 

“A few of my housemates have been up and down to the building sites and the Accommodation Office, trying to get this sorted out because it’s so disruptive,” the student said. 

“Someone’s plumbing burst; someone had plaster dust in their room and the noise has been inhospitable.” 

In an email to residents, the Accommodation Office stated that they had previously noted that the “noisy components” of the construction would continue until Friday February 5.

However, “regrettably” due to the nature of the site, some of the noisy elements had to be “re-sequenced at short notice”. 

The Accommodation Office then confirmed that these “noisy components” will continue until Friday, February 12, with the overall works due to cease at the end of February.

Speaking to Trinity News, a student stated that they were happy they have been given this offer, but that they would prefer rooms on campus.

“Kavanagh Court is too far away and inconvenient,” they expressed. 

“Really, I think the rent should be fully refunded for the past four weeks,” the student stated. “It’s not been a peaceful dwelling or fit for purpose.” 

The Accommodation Office also moved to remind students that there are certain study spaces available to students currently for online learning , such as the Exam Hall, and breakout spaces, such as Regent House and the Dining Hall. 

Shannon Connolly

Shannon Connolly is the Editor-in-Chief of the 69th volume Trinity News, and a Senior Sophister student of English Literature and Philosophy. She previously served as Deputy Editor, News Editor and Assistant News Editor.