This Week at Trinity: ‘Tóg go Bog É’ with Trinity Ents

This week is a rare opportunity to learn more about Brexit, distilleries, and why we should smoke rollies outside the Arts Block

Hopefully everyone is feeling at least moderately refreshed after last week, and have settled into a new term of classes and schedules. If not, don’t worry, you’re definitely not alone. In fact, this week is Trinity Ents’ Tóg go Bog É! week, with a variety of workshops, discussion panels and events scheduled each day with the aim of helping us get through another few weeks of Level 5 Lockdown. This week, why not take a break from readings and classes (or copious Netflix consumption) to spend some virtual time with other Trinity students at one of the many society events available.

On Tuesday at 8pm, TCD Environmental Society will be holding a film screening of Taking Root, a documentary exploring Wangari Maathai’s campaign to plant trees during Kenya’s repressive regime in the 1980s. Also on Tuesday is DUBES’ Brexit Breakdown with Tony Connelly, the European Editor for RTÉ News and Current Affairs. For anyone who has long felt the niggling feeling that they’re not as up to scratch on their Brexit knowledge as they should be, tune in at 3pm to learn about the ins and outs of this historical phenomenon, and how Covid-19 adds even more uncertainty to the mix. Finally, for something a little lighter, DU Botanical Society is collaborating with DU Food and Drink for a Stillgarden Distillery Talk at 7pm on Tuesday. Stillgarden Distillery is an independent Dublin distillery that originally set out to “reinvent spirits” by experimenting with new botanicals.

On Wednesday, DU General Science Society, DU Math Society, DU Psychological Society and DU Zoological Society are all collaborating to participate in the inaugural Irish National Science Championship (INSC). At 8pm, they will be running four quizzes simultaneously. The winners of each quiz will be part of the team that represents Trinity at INSC. They will also be fundraising for the Irish Refugee Council with a raffle during the evening, which you can join even if you don’t plan on taking one of the quizzes. Wednesday also brings the Hist’s second debate of the term, This House Regrets Feminist Icons.

On Thursday, the Society for International Affairs is hosting a bruschetta and mojitos cook along at 7pm. Cooking is known to be a cathartic activity if you’re beginning to feel burn out from another week of classes, and mojitos certainly can’t hurt either. At 6pm on Thursday the Phil is teaming up with Trinity Ents for a comedy debate entitled This House Would Smoke Rollies Outside of the Arts Block. If you’re a Doc Marten wearing arts student still smarting from the introduction of Trinity’s smoking ban, this is the debate for you. Hamilton frequenters may still attend, but be prepared for the vitriol. If you’re looking for something with a bit more gravitas, the Phil will also be holding their weekly debate on Thursday. This week’s topic is This House Would Abolish An Garda Síochána.

Valentines Day is looming ominously, and with this in mind, the final event of Trinity Ents’ Tóg go Bog É! week will be a Love in Lockdown discussion on Friday at 1pm with sex and relationships expert Dr. Caroline West, and Trinity News’ own Relationships Co-Editor, Eva O’Beirne. Friday is also Chinese New Year, so keep an eye out for more events cropping up during the week.

Trinity FLAC (Free Legal Advice Centre) are looking for volunteers for their research project on Human Rights and the Environment. The project aims to explore how the environment impacts national constitutions and human rights institutions. No previous experience is required, and this is a great opportunity to learn more about such an interesting topic, while improving your research and writing skills. Participants will also have their names featured on the final publication. Applications should be in by February 16.

Finally, Trinity Musical Theatre Society will soon be launching a new podcast series called Spill the M.T. If you’re a fan of all things musical, this ought to excite you. Hosts Jack and Joey have likened the podcast to a “pre-drinks”, and everyone knows that Trinity musical theatre kids like to party hard, so the podcast is sure to be a interesting listen.