Butter me up: Day Two of a week of Buttery breakfasts, lunches and dinners

Ben McConkey and Peter Benson return for more at the Buttery

“Captain’s Log: March 2021, day two of eating only from the Buttery, feeling normal, reflexes normal, sense of smell and taste normal, I miss my kids, I miss my wife.”

Welcome back to the Buttery Boat, honk! honk!  Before we go overboard, we hope you enjoyed day one and are back for more from the Buttery. 

Day Two

What did we eat?

  • 1 Item Hot Breakfast (Hashbrowns and Toast)
  • 2 Item Hot Breakfast (Scrambled Egg, Mushrooms, Toast)
  • Porridge w/Honey & Cinnamon x2
  • Apple x2
  • Banana
  • Orange
  • Vegetable Chow Mein x4
  • Cream of Vegetable Soup x3
  • Apple Crumble x2
  • Granola

How much did it cost?

  • €25.62

How was it?

Today was the day of the porridge eureka! We found porridge! And honestly, when the Buttery Lady asked me to “say when” as she poured in that honey, sparks flew. Having gone too hard on the fry on the first morning and finding ourselves hungry later in the day, we switched to a slower energy release strategy. After an internal battle, I also decided to put back my two morning pastries in exchange for some fruit. 

Our afternoon takeaways once again consisted of a double-up for each of us on the veggie meal. Now that it’s no longer Sustainability Week, the Buttery sticks to one veggie-friendly option out of their three meal offerings, which is frustrating. We’d both be happier not eating the same meal for lunch and dinner. We’re trying to compensate for this using the side-dishes, but were unlucky to miss out on the highly demanded, fruit-salad today.

Today gets three Paddys of five on the Prendergast Scale, mostly due to the sliminess of the four Vegetable Chow Meins we had to eat, but still above average thanks to our porridge eureka moment. 

How are we?

A major lament of day two is that hefty 25 quid we forked out on the day’s feast. We’re hoping to aim for a sub-ten-euro day each going forward.

The Buttery’s open hours really must be worked into our schedule. They close at 2:30pm, which means that no purchases can be made later than that. Having woken up at 7:30am, we’re now a lot hungrier as the day draws to a close. This will certainly have to be planned for tomorrow.

One great convenience has been the absence of cooking in our lives at the moment. With no cleaning or washing up to do we’ve definitely freed up a lot of time in the evenings, even if it has come at the cost of flavour.

As ever… Buttery teeth!