TCDSU passes motion to support students in Myanmar

Following a discussion item on the events in Myanmar, a motion to organise an awareness campaign was passed at this evening’s Council

Trinity College Dublin Students’ Union (TCDSU) has been mandated to take specific actions to support students living in Myanmar, where a coup occurred in February.

Following a discussion item at Tuesday evening’s Council on the events in Myanmar in recent months, the union has passed a motion to support students in the country.

An Extraordinary Council was called for this evening after Tuesday’s meeting was suspended with 10 motions left after quorum was lost.

An Extraordinary Meeting of Council can occur when a fifth of the members of the union decide to hold an extra Council meeting during the academic year.

With the passing of the motion, TCDSU President and Citizenship Officer are mandated to  organise an awareness campaign for “a return to democracy and an end to human rights abuses in Myanmar”. 

Council noted that there is “an ongoing humanitarian crisis” in Myanmar, and there has been “the loss of life and detainment of protesters as a result of this crisis”.

TCDSU is mandated to “advocate for Visa status for Burmese students residing in Ireland and reach out to other SUs seeking support for this movement”, and to run an information campaign and fundraiser for charities supplying “much-needed medical supplies” in “solidarity with student protestors in the state. 

The union must reach out to the Trinity Development and Alumni (TDA) fund to seek it to match any funding raised.

Speaking in favour of the motion at Council this evening, JF PPES class representative  László Molnárfi stated that there were “serious humanitarian issues in Myanmar”, and if passed, “this motion will transform our support”. 

The discussion on the event’s in Myanmar took place on Tuesday evening, while the motion was brought forward tonight. 

This motion was proposed by Proposed by Su Ydn, Ellen Mckimm, Roman Cabay, Jane Morris, Jack Palmer, Anna Clarke, James Crowe, Orna O’Donovan, Isabelle Healey and Oisin Browne, and seconded by László Molnárfi, JF PPES Class Representative, who raised the Myanmar discussion earlier at the previous Council.

Speaking to Trinity News before Tuesday’s Council, proposer Su Ydn said: “Since the February 1, the Myanmar military has killed over 700 civilians and unlawfully detained over 3000 citizens, having used live ammunition, sound grenades, and other acts of terrorism upon the population.”

“Many killed were children and young adults, the youngest being 5 and many being under 20. Students have been at the forefront of this Revolution since the beginning,” Ydn said.

“The support that TCDSU will show will impact both the Burmese population here in Ireland and the Myanmar citizens.”

Molnárfi, who seconded the motion, told Trinity News: “Two students, Su, who locally spearheads the movement, and Ellen came to me as JF PPES class rep seeking the TCDSU’s support for the democracy in Myanmar campaign.”

“I immediately agreed to help, since I believe that we as a union need to show international solidarity with students in other countries and be vehicles for social progress,” he said. 

“We can use our position locally to enact change globally, especially if other student unions follow our lead.”

Shannon Connolly

Shannon Connolly is the Editor-in-Chief of the 69th volume Trinity News, and a Senior Sophister student of English Literature and Philosophy. She previously served as Deputy Editor, News Editor and Assistant News Editor.