Students deserve better than student newspapers profiting off the housing crisis

It is hugely hypocritical to take money from luxury student accommodation blocs, while also telling housing activists how to run their campaigns

When the University Times posted an advertisement for the private luxury student accommodation bloc #LIVStudent on its Instagram account this week, many students were shocked. Such was the strength of the criticism to this post, the University Times felt that


Trinity approves new Reasonable Accommodations policy for students with disabilities

University Council approved the new policy

  Trinity’s University Council has approved a new policy to improve implementation of Reasonable Accommodations for students with disabilities studying at Trinity. Reasonable Accommodations are defined as “any action that helps to alleviate a substantial disadvantage due to a disability and/or …


Institutes of technology to receive €200m investment

The funds will go towards major building projects in 11-third-level institutes


The Government has announced the provision of €200 million investment for the construction of 11 large-scale building projects in Institutes of Technology (ITs) across the country under the Public Private Partnership (PPP) programme. The buildings will be maintained and managed

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