Taoiseach announces scholarship for Native American students

Leo Varadkar thanked the Choctaw nation for donating to Ireland during the Great Famine

Leo Varadkar announced a scholarship for Choctaw Native American students while visiting Oklahoma. The first scholarship will begin in 2019.

The Taoiseach thanked the members of the Choctaw nation and their ancestors, who provided relief to Ireland during the Great


Review finds conflicts of interest relating to intellectual property in third level sector

The review recommended that third level institutions take more responsibility for their conflicts of interest.

  A review of into the sale of intellectual properties by higher education institutions recommended that universities take more responsibility regarding the management of conflict of interests relating to their intellectual property.

Concerns were raised over potential conflicts of interest in …

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Trinity women through the years

Niamh Keating discusses the powerful women in College history and how they’ve shaped Trinity today

In 1892, a petition was made demanding the abolition of the ban on female students here at Trinity, which had stood since its founding in 1592. Ten thousand Irish women signed it. They were met with a refusal: “If a