RCSI offers students early exams to avoid coronavirus disruption

Final year students have been given the option to take practical exams over a month early

The Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (RCSI) is offering final-year students the opportunity to sit practical examinations earlier than scheduled due to worries that coronavirus-related quarantines may disrupt the April exam period.

The announcement was made to students during …

Student Living

Seasonal self-care for students

Jack Kennedy gives tips on surviving the second half of Michaelmas term

I have been a student for an amount of time that’s on the verge of becoming embarrassing, and over the years I’ve garnered some experience in dealing with all of these things, which I’d like to share. 

The hangover


Arts & Culture

Trinity students’ tattoos and what they mean to them

Jack Kennedy speaks to an array of Trinity students about tattoos, the stories behind them, and what they say about the students who got them

I got my first (and so far only) tattoo about two years ago. It is an abstract line drawing of the solar system, on the inside of my right forearm. Often people are surprised when they first see me with …


“One of the great privileges of our job is that we get to interact with people who are cleverer than us”

Juergen Barkhoff, the new Vice Provost, talks about TEP, his longstanding relationship with the Provost, and what Trinity means to him


Attending Trinity as a visiting student in the 1980s was, for a young Juergen Barkhoff, a formative experience.  

Life as a Trinity student meant, to him, developing all aspects of one’s personality, rather than merely burying one’s head in a