Arts & Culture

Creatives in Trinity: Dublin’s “most alternative” comedy club, B-Side Comedy

Trinity student Matthew Tallon and his colleague James Moran discuss gig disasters, absurdism, and Dublin’s creative community

What do you get when you cross three ambitious comedians with a set of deafening power tools and one drunken venue manager too many? The answer, I learned upon talking to Trinity student Matthew Tallon and his colleague James Moran,

Food & Drink

Dublin’s ultimate affordable cocktails

Alison Traynor discusses the best places to buy cocktails that don’t cost more than a pint

Cocktails are certainly not a common staple of student nights out. Instead, our bank balances dictate that we must survive on Tesco vodka and the pain-and-misery-in-a-bottle known as Buckfast. Yet, this does not have to be the case any more, …

Sex & Relationships

Disability and sex: Love and friendship beneath the bell jar

Alison Traynor discusses the way in which mental illness can impact our personal lives

Few people examine interpersonal relationships in a more profound way than film director Paul Thomas Anderson. In his most recent feature, Phantom Thread, he explores the complexity of human interactions through his characterisation of the film’s protagonist, Reynolds Woodcock, an

Food & Drink

Sprezzatura: Inexpensive, sustainable pasta in an oh-so-nonchalant environment

Despite teething issues, Camden Market’s newest restaurant is worth a visit, writes Alison Traynor

Wandering down Grantham Street last Tuesday, my friend and I scoured the road for several minutes in an attempt to locate Sprezzatura, Camden Market’s hyped new pasta bar. While standing on the curb, our perplexed expressions prompted a woman on …


From astrology to politics: Exploring Trinity’s newest societies

Alison Traynor looks at the diverse selection of new societies in Trinity

This academic year Trinity is welcoming four new societies: Trinity Social Democrats, DU Astrological Society, Trinity Young Greens, and DU Rover Society. Further diversifying the already broad range of societies which the university has to offer, this quartet looks set …

Arts & Culture

A feast for the eyes: The IFI Documentary Festival is back and better than ever

Alison Traynor gives the lowdown on what documentaries should not be missed during this year’s festival

From September 25 to September 29, the Irish Film Institute (IFI) is hosting their annual documentary festival, which has been a beloved staple of Dublin’s cultural calendar for more than sixteen years. Sixteen documentaries will be screened in the …