Piece a’ Hannigan

Yesterday, Lisa Hannigan performed for DU Music in the GMB, picking up a plaque as recognition of her work as an Irish musician

Wearing an appropriately Halloween-esque, long black dress, Lisa Hannigan breezed into the debate chamber of the GMB on October 31st to speak to DU Music society. She received a plaque recognising Irish artists and their contribution to the Irish music …


What Bank of Ireland’s English-only ATMs tells us about the Irish language

“Irish is dying, not because people can’t speak it, not because people don’t want it, but because it is easy to abuse”

Bank of Ireland’s removal of the Irish language option in new LATMs (lodgement ATMs) has been popularly condemned by the Irish public. Bank of Ireland (BOI) discontinued the service as less than 1% of people were choosing to conduct their


Painting by a different kind of digit

Aoife Donnellan heads along to a finger painting workshop; a collaboration between Trinity Arts Workshop and Sign Soc


“The simple pleasure found in the majestic art of finger painting was obvious from the jovial atmosphere. The intention of the evening was to explore visual connections and mediums through which we transmit emotions.”

This Monday, House 6 hosted a …

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Magnified societies: The secret is in the squash

Aoife Donnellan travels to Trinity Hall to talk to Tamaki Marumo and David Connolly in the hope to suss out the elusive Trinity Squash


“As put by David Connolly: ‘the best player gets the same welcome as someone who has never hit a ball before’. The snobbery that is sometimes attached to sports like these has definitely been squashed here.”

The time has finally


Let’s Be Frank: Frank Turner visits DU Music Society

Aoife Donnellan attends Frank Turner’s much anticipated visit to the GSU, documenting his Q&A session with DU Music Soc’s Cliona Lynskey, and his acceptance of the Honorary Patronage Award.


He attributes this strength to the way that he creates his music, explaining that “if what you’re making isn’t the most exciting thing you’ve made so far, then it’s not done”.

On Wednesday evening, Trinity welcomed Frank Turner (an English