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The politics and rivalries of societies

The feuds, politics and petty rivalries of societies show the negative side of getting involved

Whether you are part of them or not, it’s difficult to deny the role societies play in our college lives. For many Trinity students, societies are the first part of college life they encounter.

Walking through Front Gate during Freshers’

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Sun, surf and snow

The society trips abroad not to be missed this year

Every year more and more societies are adding international trips to their calendars. It is easy to understand why the appeal of a well-hyped annual trip abroad can attract huge amounts of new members to the society during Freshers’ Week.

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This week in Trinity: Fourth Week

Get set to see all the fun of Freshers’ week return with Fourth Week.

If the wrath of Storm Ophelia wasn’t enough to keep you entertained this week, there’s plenty more to keep you occupied as the week continues. This week marks the fourth academic week of the year, known simply as Fourth Week,


Give back, get back

Easy, enjoyable ways to volunteer with college societies

Getting involved with societies is integral to many students’ college life, however, for many of us, the thought of having to commit extra hours to clubs and societies, on top of our already hectic schedules, is one we really don’t …


Less chaos, more to experience

Our pick of things to do in a slightly quieter week for society events

As the dust falls on the now distant memory of Freshers’ Week many of us have now started to turn away from society events and nights out and retreat to the hallowed halls of the Usher and Berkeley to make

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This week in Trinity: Empowerment, engagement, and the Eighth Amendment

Trinity Life provide the only guide you’ll need to what’s going on in Trinity this week.

This week looks set to be dominated by events taking place as part of Empowerment Week., a week of activism run by the Students’ Union in collaboration with college societies as well as external organisations. There will be workshops, panel