Scammed international students still in limbo after school closure

Over a hundred international students are still out of pocket after the sudden closure of Shelbourne College, but efforts to clean up the private college sector as a whole have met with little success so far.

indepth1Mayank Gupta’s worst fears were realised last Monday when Shelbourne College failed to reopen after the Christmas break. The 21-year-old Indian national was told, along with some 60 other recently arrived international students, that classes at the Camden Street-based English …


University Times issue withdrawn as Phil members remove distributed papers

Society members removed copies of the paper from campus locations after it printed details of confidential correspondences.

news1The University Times (UT) withdrew its latest issue on Tuesday after reporting on the content of documents that had been provided to the paper on the condition that they not be referred to in an article.

Trinity News has learned …


One in four female TCD students sexually assaulted – survey

SU welfare officer, Ian Mooney, is in talks to introduce compulsory sexual consent workshops for students.

news1One in four female students at Trinity College who responded to a students’ union survey has had a non-consensual sexual experience. The soon-to-be-released study, which surveyed 1,038 male and female students online between December 8th and 13th, found that 25% …