A STEM student’s view on society culture

The challenge of consistent participation in society life is exacerbated by a large volume of college hours, as experienced by many STEM students

If you interviewed the entirety of Trinity STEM students about their involvement in societies, I guarantee that many of the people who said they were active members of clubs or societies were also highly organised individuals. Either that or they

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Hidden gems of the Hamilton

Excavating the stomping ground for STEM and finding its national treasures

Found on the west end of campus and facing students strolling homebound towards Pearse Station, the Hamilton building stands as a modern marker of Trinity. As we begin the new year, the Hamilton approaches its 24th year in use since


Journalists vs algorithms

The migration of journalism and the influence of Google News

Last month the international tech and music event, Uprise Festival, was held at the RDS in Dublin for the first time. Tipped as being one of the top five talks was  The Migration of Journalism, hosted by media experts Amanda


A crash course to studying General Science in Trinity

Last year’s junior freshmen give their advice on navigating one of the biggest courses in our university

Last September, the Junior Freshman students of 2016/17 waited in anticipation for their first experience of third level education to begin. General Science differs from many college courses, in that a single time-table is not administered during orientation week.

Instead, …

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