World Cup 2018: All quiet on the eastern front

As fans make the pilgrimage to Russia, Cian Dunne warns that the World Cup atmosphere is more than a little subdued in St Petersburg

In the weeks immediately preceding the beginning of any World Cup, after the groups are drawn, match tickets acquired, flights booked, squads finalised, jerseys bought and stadiums primed; attention is diverted temporarily, and inevitably all eyes are fixed firmly


Reflecting on my roots

A student living away from home writes about how they’ve come to appreciate it all the more whilst studying in Dublin

I can’t remember exactly how I felt that day last September when I left home for the big city. I seem to recall a few odd details: the train was virtually empty, I snacked on dark chocolate, and I read


Free seats on campus

From the attic of the GMB to the fourth floor of the Arts Block, here’s where you can spend a free hour on campus

You emerge from the pokey classroom, leaving the TA in your wake. You just about made it through the tutorial, despite not having read the text ‒ God bless SparkNotes. You breathe a sigh of relief, but the exertion has