Out of left field: DU Croquet Club

The renaissance of hoops and hammers

What are the first things that come to mind when you think of croquet? Top hats and tails? Monocles and mallets? Cult classic film and musical Heathers? These are understandable first reactions and in all honesty, when I sat down


DUFC season cut short as IRFU end all domestic rugby

The decision was made to protect player health and welfare as the coronavirus pandemic grows

Dublin University Football Club (DUFC) will not get a chance to finish out their campaign in the All-Ireland League (AIL) Division 1. The Irish Rugby Football Union (IRFU) have made the decision to cancel all domestic rugby competitionse immediately, as …


Out of left field: Five-a-side Football

For both the messy and the Messi among your friends

Trinity has always prided itself on the importance it places on sports and societies on campus. And while many people come into college with lots of sporting experience and prowess, it can often be difficult to find a place in


Running the gauntlet of international rugby

A number of Trinity’s finest rugby players will be pulling on the green jersey this weekend

When talking about the Six Nations Championship, most thoughts turn to the men’s tournament. Given its prominence in the media that is understandable but it may shock some people to discover that there are three iterations of the Six Nations


A new era for DUCAC: Jemil Saidi

DUCAC’s first student Chairperson discusses his plans for the future and how he found his feet in Trinity’s sporting scene

It has been 100 years since the inception of the Dublin University Central Athletics Club (DUCAC). The club operates as a centralised governing body for all of Trinity’s sports club, organising their budgets and providing a platform for each club


Out of left field: DU Trampolining

An underrated airborne experience with something for everyone

For most people out there, when they hear the word ‘trampoline’, they likely think of their airborne hi-jinx in years gone by or possibly Homer Simpson’s exuberant reaction to an advert in the Springfield Shopper. Or maybe that’s just me.