Trinity wins four awards at this year’s SFI Science Awards

Professor John Boland of the school of chemistry was crowned SFI Researcher of the Year

Trinity researchers scooped four out of eight awards at the annual Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) Science Summit, held last night at the Ballsbridge Hotel. The awards marked the beginning of Science Week, a campaign organised by SFI.

Professor John Boland,


Trinity scientists shed new light on the link between obesity and cancer

The immune system fails in the presence of excess fat, reducing its ability to fight cancer

Trinity scientists have made a major discovery that confirms why the body’s immune surveillance systems stutter and fail in the presence of excess fat, in a study recently published in journal Nature Immunology.

The researchers studied natural killer cells from


Steroids for the brain: a shortcut to success?

Exploring student use of smart drugs such as Ritalin and Adderall to aid focus and concentration


What if someone gave you a magic pill – a pill that could allegedly improve your concentration, boost your alertness, bring all the disjointed pieces of your life back into bright focus and make you stop procrastinating? But there’s a


Trinity scientists uncover mechanism behind “speed gene” in thoroughbred racehorses

The non-coding section was shown to be responsible for the skeletal muscle growth and race distance aptitude of horses

Trinity scientists in collaboration with UCD researchers have discovered the element of the “speed gene” which determines why certain racehorses are best suited to race over sprint distances and others over longer distances, in a paper recently published at scientific


Professor Aoife McLysaght to lecture at this year’s Royal Institution Christmas Lectures

The prestigious lectures will be broadcasted on BBC Four between Christmas and New Year

Aoife McLysaght, Professor of Genetics at Trinity, will feature on this year’s Christmas Lectures, to be broadcasted on BBC Four between Christmas and New Year.

Today, the Royal Institution announced that Professor McLysaght will be joining Professor Alice Roberts,


Trinity researchers uncover how cigarette smoking can lead to tuberculosis

Exhaustion in lung macrophages of smokers mean that they are not able to function properly and destroy pathogens

Trinity researchers have discovered how lung cell exhaustion, caused by cigarette smoking, can lead to tuberculosis (TB), and have published their findings in the American Journal of Respirator Cell and Molecular Biology.

The researchers compared the lung cells of smokers …


Trinity to host 24-hour hackathon to tackle climate change challenges

Dublin’s focus will be on its transition to smarter urban water management

A 24-hour hackathon will be hosted by Trinity today as Dublin participates in this year’s Climathon, a worldwide hackathon that brings students, entrepreneurs, technical experts, and app developers together to tackle climate challenges. 115 cities around the world will be


Six startups kickstart Trinity’s first international accelerator programme

The programme represents one of the first forays into the global entrepreneurship ecosystem by Trinity

Tangent Pioneers, the first international accelerator programme, launches this week with six Trinity student and alumni-created startups. The participants include ethical fashion brand Nu, seaweed harvesting business SeaPunk, and a social enterprise that helps users donate to charities named Change


The business of science

How profits, start-ups, and egos can shape science discoveries that reach the public

In April 2000, a scientific magazine, The Scientist, published the following statement: “It might not be a coincidence that an anagram of ‘genome’ is ‘ego men’.” This sentence was included in an article that discussed the joint statement of US


Delving into life and science at Schrödinger at 75

What did students, postgrads, and visitors make of the conference on “The Future of Biology”?


The meeting of international experts and keen listeners at the Schrödinger at 75 conference concerned the future of biology and was an opportunity to hear different scientific perspectives, but not only those of the speakers. Filling the auditorium of the

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