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Deconstructed vintage garments turned display of Irish heritage

Elena Mc Crory talks to Designer and Director Faye Rochford about her authentic Irish brand, FéRí designs

“FéRí is a vibrant and imaginative brand, born out of creativity and nostalgia, designed to bring joy to the wearer.” This is how director and designer Faye Rochford describes her independent label. The FéRí brand is driven by its deconstruction

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Spooky jewellery for spooky babes

Elena Mc Crory interviews Emma Cahill about her jewellery brand, and taking the leap to small business owner

Last week I spoke to Emma Cahill, founder and owner of Emma Cahill Jewellery. She describes her designs as “spooky jewellery for spooky babes”. The modernism and innovativeness of her processes stands out; the spiders and skulls, her 3D modelling

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Mary McAleese: flying on two wings

Elena Mc Crory takes a response from Mary McAleese on gender equality and examines the past president’s role in activism

During a meeting in 1999 Dr Mary (Patricia) McAleese, recalls the sexist comment made by the Pope, John Paul II. Upon shaking hands, the pope turned to McAleese’s husband Martin and said, “Would you not prefer to be the president

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Youth inspires at the Apollo Project

Elena McCrory speaks to Jessica Sharkey on her upcoming exhibition about “boring art”

There is no doubt that the arts have suffered monumentally since the pandemic hit Ireland. Innovation and creativity work synchronously and it is vital that as a nation we find a way to provide programmes and projects for our future

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Team up for Team Hope

Jonathan Douglas speaks about this year’s Christmas shoe box appeal in boxes of hope, joy, and love

This season, many people across Ireland may not be feeling so festive. Some of us will wake to the usual cheer, run downstairs to presents, and eat a wholesome turkey roast. But for others, there will be empty spaces at

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Careers in the Arts: Contemporary Gallerist Olivier Cornet ahead of his time

French-born contemporary curator and gallerist on his introduction into the arts

Given the opportunity to interview French-born gallerist and curator Olivier Cornet, founder and director of the contemporary Olivier Cornet gallery in Great Denmark Street, I sat down in front of my laptop and oddly was not disconcerted; Zoom has become

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A museum is not just a place for art

The cultural significance of museums and galleries during the coronavirus lockdown

A museum is defined as a building in which objects of historical, scientific, artistic, or cultural interest are stored and exhibited. But outside of this classification, museums and galleries can mean so much more. Museums in Ireland from the IMMA