“I am not a role model…”

Top-level athletes are impressive in many ways, but not as people to look up to

In the early 90s Charles Barkley, a basketball hall-of-famer and overall very outspoken player, appeared in a commercial for Nike in which he defiantly proclaimed: “I am not a role model, just because I dunk a basketball doesn’t mean I


The franchised few, or the disenfranchised masses?

Eoin Roche assesses whether or not a UEFA super-league, similar to American franchise leagues, would be good for European soccer

American sports are a bit of an oddity. All four of the biggest sports, American football, basketball, baseball and ice hockey are all played professionally in franchise leagues. Each team or franchise is located in a specific city and that


Transfers and title challenges: League of Ireland preview

Shamrock Rovers season-ticket holder and Online Sport Editor Eoin Roche looks back over the Irish transfer window and ahead to the new League of Ireland season

A few months ago I wrote a piece asking students looking for a cheap alternative to the Premier League to give Ireland’s domestic league a chance. The Premier Division of the League of Ireland season kicks-off on the 16th February


MMA: a game of risks

Eoin Roche argues for the abolition of the weight-cutting practices plaguing the UFC

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is one of the fastest growing sports on earth. It’s boxing, wrestling, kickboxing, karate, and more all mixed into one, which gives it a wide base of appeal. It also happens to be first-class entertainment, even


Men’s Volleyball secure comeback win

Trinity Men’s Volleyball beat a depleted Santry 3-1 on Thursday evening

Trinity’s men volleyball team came back from one set down to beat Santry 3-1. Trinity started strong in the opening set and took a 3 points to 1 lead. Both teams exchanged points but Santry got the better of the


Keep it in the country

Online Sport Editor Eoin Roche does his best to persuade you that real footballing joy comes from following local football, and not the Premier League.

Until last February I was ignorant to the existence of League of Ireland football; I mean I knew there was a League in Ireland but that was about it. With Premier League football on television being such a rip-off and