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What makes a Law Soc auditor?

Societies Editor Georgina Francis sits down with Law Soc auditor Jessica O’Neill to speak about her role as auditor in the Law Soc while being a full time student

Law Soc is a well known society on campus, running some of the biggest social events such as the Galway getaway, Law Ball, the annual Maples Law Ball and the European getaway. Despite being a society focused on a specific


Forecasting the Future

Predicting outcomes can be invaluable in decision making, but what happens when our judgements are amiss?

When you first think of predictions, what might spring to mind are mystics, psychics, the end of the world, or considering the past weeks: the weather! There are billions of predictions made every day. But how wild can predictions get?

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What happens after Repeal?

The Phil wades into the Repeal discussion to question what will come if the 8th amendment is repealed

Last Tuesday, the Phil hosted “Beyond Repeal”. The Phil sought to discuss what will happen if the eighth amendment is repealed with a panel of highly respected and knowledgeable speakers.

Beginning with a brief introduction each of the speakers outlined

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Photographer Doug Allen on adventure, animals and activism

Doug Allen, an underwater photographer, comes to Trinity to speak about his career in the Arctic and Antarctic

Thursday evening, the Environment Society and TCD Plastic Solutions collaborated with TCDSU to bring Doug Allen, a world renowned photographer to Trinity. The ticketed event garnered a huge amount of attention on campus, resulting in the lecture hall being packed

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What makes a Phil President?

Societies Editor Georgina Francis sits down with Phil President Conn McCarrick to speak about his experience in the Phil and as a Trinity student

Sitting down to meet the President of the University Philosophical Society (The Phil) Conn McCarrick, my assumption was that I was about to meet a busy man who would be checking his watch with one foot out the door, ready