The Arts Block runway

Fast fashion and conformity run contrary to the supposed free spirited thinking of the Arts Block, writes

The Arts Block runway is a reflection of the latest trends in Trinity’s fashion ecosystem. From windcheaters to fur jackets, to the latest Fila Disruptors, the Arts Block is a multi-coloured testament to what’s hot and what’s not. College is


Canada trumps States as student summer location

The county is safer, cleaner and more open minded than the US, argues Hugh Whelan

It’s mid-afternoon in June and I have been awake for nearly 20 hours but luckily, the atmosphere in the Vancouver International Airport immigration queue is surprisingly relaxed. The queue is comprised of dozens of pale Irish students, and there is …


The contours of toxic “lad culture” need to be understood

“Lad culture” perpetuates the patriarchy and negatively affects the mental health of men

The ongoing trial of Ulster rugby players charged with the alleged rape of a nineteen-year-old woman has captured the public’s attention in recent weeks, with the graphic details making the case a difficult and stomach-turning read for many. Regardless of


It’s time to talk honestly about drug use

We acknowledge drug use, but refuse to discuss it or make it safe

Like many controversial phenomena in Irish culture, recreational drug use is something that has remained generally frowned upon and been swept under the carpet for years. Certainly when it comes to the general “drug problem”, the national discourse casts drug


Trinity joins UCD and in a joint project for student beds

The project is launching a month before thousands of Leaving Cert students receive their Leaving Cert results

A new housing campaign launching today, will aim to encourage Dublin homeowners to let out spare rooms as digs by advertising the associated tax breaks.

Under Irish law, you can earn up to €14,000 in non-taxable income by letting empty