What are we going to do about terrorism?

ISIS want people to fear and hate Muslims. By giving into that, you are letting them win.


European attacks

Dear God. We are in amidst yet another terrorist attack in Europe. Those are the worst kind.

For one thing, they attract global attention. That’s not generally a bad thing, apart from the fact that it alters western


Western hypocrisy is at the root of the refugee crisis

When Cold War politics plunged many Middle Eastern and African countries into conflict and poverty, the West has a duty to take in the people who flee.

COMMENTA couple of weeks ago, I went to a talk on the refugee crisis hosted by Trinity’s Society for International Affairs (SOFIA) where one of the speakers was a young man who happened to be a Syrian refugee.  Although I


Understanding ‘Islamic’ terror

People in the west need to look beyond simplistic interpretations of Islam and engage in genuine discussion about the factors contributing to terrorism.

In light of recent events, events of the past, and events to come, I feel that it is imperative to understand what Islamic terrorism really is. It is easy to play the blame game and start attacking minority groups, religious …