Beautiful play is not the key to an unstoppable team

Tottenham Hotspur Football Club under Jose Mourinho have sparked an intense debate on the right or wrong way to play football

Throughout footballing history there has been a varied and diverse range of styles utilised by teams in virtually every competitive domestic league. Conservative, cautious, and counter-attacking, to free flowing, ballistic, and possession orientated are all tactics that can be identified …


Sports to get superfans through this Covid-19 Winter

From Formula 1 to tennis, there are still some things taking place this winter to satisfy your sports craving

Sport has always been a source of entertainment and joy, irrespective of what is going on in the world. Despite being a cliché, the idea that you can forget whatever ills or stresses that afflict you by being immersed in …


The truth of John Delaney’s regime fully revealed

Paul Rowan and Mark Tighe highlight the layers of corruption within the FAI during Delaney’s tenure as chief executive in their new book Champagne Football

John Delaney ruled the Football Association of Ireland (FAI) with an iron fist during his tenure as chief executive. He was seen by many as a dubious character with an inclination towards exuberant spending practices. Journalists Mark Tighe and Paul …