“If there is a willingness from powerful actors to act, they will act”: a debate on the migration crisis

SOFIA hosted a model European Council to discuss the challenges posed by the migrant crisis

On Friday, Trinity’s Society for International Affairs (SOFIA) held a model European Council debate focused on the migration crisis and the challenges it poses. The chair reminded each nation that throughout the debate they must consider the implications Brexit would


“We need stories to change stories”: A discussion on female representation

Herstory marked the beginning of Women’s week in Trinity with an examination of the retelling of history

To celebrate the beginning of Trinity’s Women’s Week, DU History Society, DU Gender Equality Society and Trinity College Dublin Students’ Union organized a panel of women to speak on their experiences and work highlighting the contributions of women throughout history.


On Islam and feminism: exploring the nature of Islamic feminist movements

Dr Roja Fazaeli speaks on Islam and feminism with the Trinity Global Development Society and the Phil

On Tuesday night, Professor of Islamic Civilizations Dr Roja Fazaeli, was invited by the Phil and Trinity’s Global Development Society to speak on Islam and feminism. The talk, organized in light of the cancelled Phil debate on whether Middle Eastern