Jóhanna Sigurðardóttir and Jónína Leósdóttir Speak to the Phil

The former prime minister of Iceland and her esteemed novelist and playwright wife receive the gold medal of honourary patronage from the society.

FEATURESJóhanna Sigurðardóttir and Jónína Leósdóttir were both awarded the gold medal of honorary patronage by the Philosophical society. Sigurðardóttir became the first openly gay head of government in the world when she was elected prime minister of Iceland in 2009.


Neoliberalism, capitalism and modern feminism: Dr. Sinead Kennedy addresses third-wave feminism’s “unhealthy relationship with capitalism”

DU Gender Equality and Trinity Socialist Workers’ Student Society welcomed the Maynooth University lecturer as she addressed the issue of women’s liberation in the context of liberal feminism

On Thursday night the Dublin University Gender Equality society and the Trinity Socialist Workers’ Student Society  held an event entitled “Women’s Liberation in the Age of Neoliberalism”. The guest speaker at the event was Dr. Sinead Kennedy of Maynooth University,


Stigma, safety threats and barriers to human rights: DU Amnesty’s talk on sex work in Ireland

Kate McGrew, member of the Sex Workers Alliance Ireland, and Lucy Smyth, creator of uglymugs.ie, outlined the problems affecting sex workers in Ireland in a talk on Wednesday night as part of International Women’s Week.

On Wednesday night this week Dublin University Amnesty International held an event entitled “Sex Workers in Ireland: Lives, Problems, and Solutions” in the Mairtín Uí Cadhain theatre. Kate McGrew, a sex worker and sex worker rights activist with the Sex


Trinity immunologists make breakthrough relating to vaccine immune-responses

A new adjuvant, key components in vaccines, called chitosan could pave the way for the future of vaccinations

Trinity immunologists have recently published groundbreaking research in the scientific journal Immunity relating to adjuvants. Adjuvants are key components in vaccines, and play an important role in enhancing the human body’s immune response to vaccination. Simply put, they help vaccines


Graduate Student’s Union prepare report on the working conditions of Trinity teaching assistants

Outlining the intentions of the GSU in producing such a report, Hegarty insisted that it being “grounded in research” would be absolutely crucial.

In conversation with Trinity News, Gianna Hegarty, the vice president and welfare officer of the Graduate Students’ Union (GSU), has revealed that a report is being developed by the GSU to investigate the working conditions of teaching assistants (TAs) in


The fashion industry makes us puppets of consumerism

We’re bombarded by marketing in almost every form of media, pushed to engage in faster and faster fashion.

I arrive at front gate in the morning. The route I take to the Hamilton depends on how I look that day. If it’s a good day I’ll barrel down past the Arts Building and the Berkeley. If I’m feeling


Trinity researchers to create offshore energy solutions

Professor Ciarán McGoldrick: “The marine environment is harsh and necessitates new, innovative and robust design approaches”

Assistant professor Ciarán McGoldrick of Trinity’s school of computer science and statistics is coordinating the Project ICONN, which is funded by the European Commission under the largest ever European research and innovation programme, Horizon 2020. Project ICONN seeks to harness …


TAF 2016: The zine making workshop

As Harriet explained, zines are “a way for people to publish their own work in a valid format,” without financial restrictions or advertising. They are “a platform for private work”, she claimed, which is cheap, yet allows the artists to be “as daring as they want it to be”.

At 3 o’clock on Monday a zine workshop was held in the Phil conversation room in The GMB as part of Trinity Arts Festival. Elizabeth Rochford, of the visual arts magazine “The Bridge”, and experienced zine creator Harriet Bruce facilitated …


Ruane launches crowd-funding campaign to subsidise Seanad bid

She is running on “a platform of education, childcare and access – be that access to fair pay, mental health services, healthcare or equal opportunities.”


Lynn Ruane, president of Trinity College Dublin’s Students’ Union (TCDSU) and candidate in the Trinity constituency for Seanad Éireann, has announced a crowdfunding scheme to subsidise her election campaign.

She is running on “a platform of education, childcare and access


Agricultural greenhouse emissions “underestimated” according to Trinity scientists

Ireland is under international observation with regards to a number of environmental issues including large amounts of greenhouse gas emissions.


Scientists from Trinity College Dublin have found that relying on data which excludes land-use history in annual reporting on agricultural land use in Ireland has led to an underestimation of cropland emissions by 46%.

Research fellow in botany at Trinity