A student’s guide to culture night

Tonight is Dublin’s annual culture night and it promises to have something for everyone

The second week of lectures is drawing to a close, and students on campus are beginning to realise that the promises they made to themselves to “work harder” and “be on top of things” this year are proving less and


Republic of Loose reunites at Phil

The Republic of Loose reunited to discuss music, life in a band as well as their career

For the first time in ten years, the original members of one of the greatest bands Ireland has ever produced, the Republic of Loose, gathered once more to talk modern music, creative differences, growing inspirations and life as professional musicians.


What it takes to be a class rep

Advocacy, hard work and an open minded approach listed as key characteristics at today’s talk

For many people entering college for the first time or even returning for their final year, the prospect of putting themselves forward for any kind of political office is daunting. However, as the attendees at today’s ‘What it takes to

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