In defence of trigger warnings on university reading lists

While a widely debated topic in the media these days, those who oppose trigger warnings do so out of a misunderstanding of their purpose

As an English student, I often encounter difficult subject matter due to the nature of thoroughly engaging with literature. Whether it be colonialism, racism, sexual assault, or any number of other topics, it is essential to engage with these complexities. …

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Continental Cuisine: Discover the Traditional Taste of Europe this Summer

Whether you’re searching for a siesta snack in Spain, a bratwurst in Bavaria or a Portuguese pastry on your interrailing trails — our guide has a dish for you to try.

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The return of idyllic interrailing travels over the summer break has been welcomed by everyone, especially adventurous foodies. If you’re planning a trip away to indulge your wanderlust and taste buds, this list of our favourite authentic meals and hotspots