Looking for society alumni

In the long run and after graduation, what becomes of former society members?

When asked about their first day on campus, few Trinity students would fail to mention the impressive and exciting Freshers’ Fair. Joining (too many) societies is a rite of passage into college. Society culture is a defining and much-advertised feature


Avoiding the FOMO on campus

Too often, the fear of missing out (FOMO) is caricatured as le Mal du Siècle (the evil of the century) of the supposedly shallowest generation ever:

Too often, the fear of missing out (FOMO) is caricatured as le Mal du Siècle (the evil of the century) of the supposedly shallowest generation ever: ours. In the early 19th century, European students were disillusioned and melancholic because, being


The illusion of an ethical choice

“Ethical” consumption is not going to change the world – direct, collective action is needed

In January, France was taken aback by the infamous “Nutella riots”. Because of a 75% discount on one kilogram jars, several French hypermarkets were packed by crowds that turned out to be as erratic as Dubliners trying to buy bread

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Two chairs, numerous stories

This week at Players Theatre, ‘A Play on Two Chairs” crams mime, energy and interpretation into forty-five minutes

Michael West’s first work, ‘A Play on Two Chairs’ premiered in DU Players Theatre in 1989, when the playwright was still a student at Trinity College. This week, the play, now directed by Max Kane with Anna McLoughlin, is staged

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A spotlight on student activism

Lucie Rondeau examines the role of student protests and political movements

This year marks fifty years since 1968, widely considered as the apex of student activism. Whilst certain states, such as France, are currently considering to what extent they should commemorate the momentous social movements that took place that year, how

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Towards an Earth 2.0?

Space Soc panelists explored vertiginous subjects such as climate change, limits of life and faith in technology

Alongside events such as Space Week that took place last autumn, Trinity Space Society has specialised in frequently hosting panels. Last night, in order to discuss the topic of “terraforming”; human attempts to make other planets “a home away from …

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Clicking fingers for LitSoc Slam

On Tuesday evening several poets took to Players Theatre to warm up for the upcoming Inter-Varsity Poetry Slam

In anticipation of the Inter-Varsity PoetrySlam that will take place for the fourth time next spring with the support of Poetry Ireland, Trinity Literary Society hosted its own liveslam at Players Theatre last Tuesday evening. The aim was to facilitate

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