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Is Dublin a city exclusively for tourists?

Maeve Harris explores the intricacies of Dublin’s prioritization of tourists, how it affects the city’s arts and culture scene, and what it means for the city’s future

It’s 2019 and two things are still, regrettably, on the menu: climate change and tourism in Ireland. Of course, the Irish economy heavily relies on the influx of sightseers touring the emerald isle during the summer months, often spilling into

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A Christmas job — worth it or not?

Weighing up the pros and cons of working throughout Christmas

As we enter December and journey closer to Christmas, any cash we can scrape together must be used for something other than buying cans and tobacco. Whether your course has dragged you into yet another Secret Santa exchange or you


Cinderella: A Contemporary Rendition of a Timeless Tale

DU Players presents Cinderella with modern takes on the characters

Cinderella: A tale of love at first sight, the chaos of societal expectations and the grandeur of romanticized patriarchy in the form of a happily ever after. While William Dunleavy’s direction offered each of these traditional aspects, there is much …

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On the decks with DUDJ

In an interview with Rob Fitzpatrick, Chair of DUDJ, he discusses the perks of being a member, the rise of techno music and the perseverance required to be a successful DJ


For those of us not in the know, who are DUDJ, what exactly do they do, and how can you get involved? I spoke with the society’s chairperson, Rob Fitzpatrick, in an attempt to answer these essential questions and