Northern Irish Astrophysicist and former Trinity pro-chancellor scoops major prize

Dame Jocelyn Bell Burnell will donate her prize of $3mn to increase diversity in science

Dame Jocelyn Bell Burnell, pro-chancellor at Trinity between 2013-2018, has received the Breakthrough prize for her work in discovering solar pulsars and a lifetime of leadership in the scientific community. Bell Burnell will receive a $3mn prize money and follows


They’ve finally cracked it — how our knuckles can make so much noise

Researchers employ mathematical modelling to confirm how the cracking of our joints makes so much noise

The mystery of cracking joints has long been a fascination of both daydreamers and scientists alike. The most famous experiment regarding knuckle cracking was carried out by Donald Unger, who in a bid to test the supposed link between arthritis


Evolution in real time

The evolution of a new finch species on the Galapagos islands has been observed

The Theory of Evolution via natural selection was first postulated by Charles Darwin in his book ‘On the Origin of Species’ nearly 160 years ago. If you know anything about Charles Darwin apart from this theory, you’ll probably know he


The existential crises of science students

Science students reflect on the revelations that made them question everything

Existential crises are usually associated with ever-questioning philosophy students. However, as I have been discovering through my Science undergraduate at Trinity, life can take on a whole new meaning after a single lecture. During the first ever week of biology


Ireland’s only milk bank

The Western Trust helped 901 babies last year.

Like many of you, I moved back to my homeland for the summer: in my case, County Fermanagh. I have a part time job, and I’m glad to be spending more time with my family. Recently in a pub called

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