Provost writes open letter calling for a Department of Higher Education and Research

“It would help build a better future for our young people. That, more than anything, is why it’s a good idea”

Trinity Provost Patrick Pendergast has written an open letter calling for the foundation of a Department of Higher Education and Research. The letter, which was published in the Irish Times’ opinion section, says such a Department is the “best means”


“Leadership will be redefined in the Covid crisis”: Interview with GSU presidential candidate Gisèle Scanlon

“I don’t think there will be any excuse for not bringing the kind of principles like inclusion, diversity, vision and community to college or graduate school”

Gisèle Scanlon wants to build a compassionate Graduate Students Union as GSU President, a goal fuelled by the promise that “my empathy will make me a good leader”. Scanlon brings four years of experience in the Graduate Students Union to


USI candidates bid for delegate votes over livestreamed hustings

Hustings took place on Monday as part of USI’s national congress

, and

Candidates for officer positions in the Union of Students’ in Ireland (USI) outlined their stances on student issues over a livestream on Monday in a bid to attract delegates’ votes from students’ unions around the country. 

The livestream acted as


Trinity casts doubt over whether Erasmus programmes will go ahead

Global spread of coronavirus has made it difficult to guarantee foreign exchange plans, says College TSM office

Trinity’s TSM (Two Subject Moderatorship) office appeared to cast doubt over the possibility of foreign exchange programmes going ahead next year due to the coronavirus pandemic in an email circulated to all TSM Erasmus and Non-EU Exchange candidates in their


Provost hints at Trinity Ball cancellation

In an interview yesterday on RTE Radio 1, Provost Patrick Prendergast suggested that Trinity Ball could be cancelled due to coronavirus fears

Trinity Provost Patrick Prendergast hinted that Trinity Ball could be cancelled due to coronavirus fears, in an interview yesterday on RTE Radio 1.

Although the Provost admitted that “a decision hasn’t been made on that yet”, he stated that it …


Several Trinity departments move all contact hours online in response to coronavirus

History, Classics and Sociology have decided to cease in person tutorials and seminars as well as lectures

Several Trinity departments have announced the cessation of all in person education in order to prevent spread of the coronavirus. The departments of Film, Classics, History and Sociology will halt all onsite lectures, tutorials and seminars from 9am tomorrow.

These …

Arts & Culture

Deep dive with Trinity’s Cooks But We’re Chefs

Madalyn Williams sits down with Jesse Russell to talk about the band that has shaped the Trinity music scene and his college career

Cooks But We’re Chefs has been a staple of the Trinity music scene over the past few years, with the nine-piece ensemble jumping from strength to strength: they are set to play Trinity Ball for the second time later this