The Silent Liberals

As the world watches with dismay at the ongoing shambles of the Trump presidency and as the Irish political system looks set for a new election, spare a thought for the issue of Traveller ethnicity

The myth that Traveller origins can be dated to the famine was dealt a death blow early in February when a genetics study on Irish Travellers revealed that they split from the main Irish population approximately 360 years ago. This


The key to understanding the future of economics lies in the past

Patrick McDonagh argues that economic teaching needs a change in direction to avoid another crash


Almost a decade has passed since the onset of the great recession which caused enormous damage to the world economy, both in its initial onslaught, and from ill-considered policy responses which have often proved to be nothing short of folly.


Traveller Ethnicity Needs to be Recognised

” You need to be born into the group to be one. One cannot simply become an Irish Traveller”


Once more in its long history the Irish state has proven itself unable, and it seems unwilling, to cherish all children of the nation equally.  Despite recent recommendations of international bodies to grant ethnic minority status to Irish Travellers, the

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