Alcohol-based events

Ruth McGann examines the relationship between alcohol, health and our social lives

Drinking is an integral part of Irish culture. You only have to look to the past two years of lockdowns to realise that alcohol has an undeniable, and often detrimental, hold over our social lives. In Trinity, most societies will


The proposed DU Skate Society

Ruth McGann speaks to Skate Soc Provisional Chairperson Luke Byrne and Chief Media Officer John Monaghan on why Trinity needs a skateboarding society

Trinity is renowned for its prestigious societies, founded a hundred years ago with famous alumni and honoured guest speakers. Unlike other universities, including University College Dublin (UCD), Trinity seems to be noticeably lacking in smaller, more alternative societies and sports

Arts & Culture

Sunday Longread: Breaking the silence

Ruth McGann discusses the Abbey Theatre performance ‘Home’, a direct response to the mother and baby reports on the abuses to women and children from 1922 to 1998

On the night of our second St. Patrick’s Day in lockdown, the Abbey Theatre aired part one of a series entitled “Home”, a direct response to the report on the mother and baby homes in aid of Barnardos Post Adoption

Arts & Culture

Dolly Parton, one of the most scrutinized female bodies in history

A look at the people’s princess and her contributions to the music industry and beyond

From country music to vaccines, movie stardom to philanthropy, Dolly Parton does it all. Her outrageous style, surgically enhanced proportions and signature blonde hair have made her a global icon. Her image that once drew harsh criticism for its feminine

Arts & Culture

Queer hearts of Dublin: Photographer showcases diversity and intersectionality within the Queer community

Ruth McGann speaks to Niamh Barry on her photography project

During August 2020, aspiring film photographer and videographer Niamh Barry posted a series of photographs to her Instagram account (@narryphotographyvids), entitled Queer Hearts of Dublin. The project aims to reflect the vibrant queer community in Dublin in a diverse and