The Importance of Gaeilge

Is it time to rebrand the Irish language?

In popular culture, Ireland is colloquially synonymous with its saints and scholars, resplendent landscapes, and magnificent language. The first of these may now confidently be labelled a mere historical adage. The second will undoubtedly forever remain. The third, however, is


Supersonic flights: back in vogue?

How realistic is supersonic flight?

 Science is notorious for its role as a mediator between the great aspirations and innate limitations of humanity. Being literally translated from the Latin ‘scientia’ as ‘the acquisition of knowledge’, its broad applicability and consequent importance increases alongside our unquenchable


Sex and neurotransmitters: the science behind our orgasms

Sébastien Laymond delves deep into the neurological and biological intricacies of our sex lives

Orgasms are just one of the many indescribable sexual wonders that animals have the pleasure of experiencing. Granting us access to an elevated state of pleasure and euphoria, its effects are truly insatiable. The orgasm (as a phenomena) has been