Food & Drink

Veganic: your one-stop sustainable shop

Vegan dog food, eco-friendly washing up liquid and a zero waste dispensary can all be found at the new eco-friendly supermarket

The weekly shop can be a challenging undertaking, especially on a student budget. The balance between consuming healthy fresh food whilst at the same time reducing waste is something Veganic may provide a solution for. Nestled on the corner of …

Student Living

Life offline

Suzanne Flynn reflects on what life is like without social media

“Are you sure you want to deactivate your account?” The words blurred across the screen as I hovered around the yes button. Strange how disabling an online profile can feel like disabling your life. I was embarking a new ship


Wheelchair fencing rolls up in style at DU Fencing

The club details why other sport societies should make accessibility a priority

You’ve heard of wheelchair basketball, wheelchair rugby and many other paralympic sports, but wheelchair fencing is not something that quickly springs to mind when we think of wheelchair sports. DU Fencing hopes to change this perception with their introduction of

Arts & Culture

Careers in the arts: in conversation with performance artist and activist River Champion

Suzanne Flynn speaks to Trinity alum River Champion about performance art, homelessness and monstrous feminine energy

“I always wanted to be an artist, but I came from a background where that wasn’t really an option”. These are the words of transgender performance artist River Champion. Born and raised in Dublin, Champion has moulded and crafted her

Arts & Culture

The 25th Dublin Fringe Festival is set to inspire and captivate

An exposé of both homegrown and international talent will be presented in various locations in Dublin’s city centre over a sixteen day period

Comedy, theatre, dance and performance art culminate from September 7th to 22th, celebrating Dublin Fringe Festival’s 25th year running. The festival will run for 16 days and nights, staging 36 venues, 77 productions, 545 performances, with 54 world premieres.

“Fringe …