Beware of the birds

What danger lies behind the squawks of Trinity’s gulls?

Love them or hate them, the squawking and sauntering of seagulls is familiar to most urban inhabitants and students alike: especially those who dare to eat outside. The banter of such a lunchtime session is a regular occurrence for many


I want to make the most of my time at Trinity

We asked one of our writers to look ahead and tell us what she wants to achieve this year.

After successfully surviving one year of college, and spending four long summer months considering how I am going to approach this year differently, there is so much that I aspire to be in the next year.

Studying law and a


Do Millennials really buy too much avocado toast?

Even if Generation Y are not all narcissists, the optimism of millennial spending habits is a cause for concern. The avocado-toast lifestyle may not be sustainable.

What is a Millennial? When Tim Gurner, an Australian millionaire and real estate developer, criticized Generation Y, the so-called “Millennials”, for buying $19 avocado on toast instead of saving for a house, it’s safe to say the outrage was well