The exploitation of nursing students must end

Trinity’s nursing students suffer from widespread negligence and mistreatment

Nursing and midwifery students face isolation from campus life throughout the academic year. The nursing building is located away from campus and all the main centres of student life, such as House 6 or the SU café, meaning even during


Going home for the summer can do more harm than good

For many, summer-time is a time for relaxation and celebration; but for some students it’s a period of heightened isolation and vulnerability

The summer holidays are anticipated year-round by secondary school students eager to ditch the tedium of early starts and all else required by a daily school routine. Similarly, returning home to one’s family and home town brings a welcome respite …


The Great, Great Toy Show: an outsider’s perspective

A firm Christmas favourite amongst Irish families is The Toy Show, but what does everyone else make of it?

Despite spending many Christmases in Ireland as a child, I didn’t become familiar with the Late Late Toy Show until this time last year. On Friday, I gathered around the telly with my friend’s family and watched the whole show