Does this make my antennae look fat?

Camoflage Cover Teaser

Dylan Lynch takes us on a light-hearted tour of nature’s quirkier and lesser-known camouflage techniques.

Let’s not pick sides on Israel-Palestine


In a response to an article in the previous issue of TN, Ryan Connolly argues that the one-sided perspectives on the Israel-Palestine conflict do more harm than good.

Laochra Caithréimeacha an Spóirt

Paul McGrath

Cearrbhachas, alcólachas, an galar dubhach agus eile – bíonn na fadhbanna seo ar ár gcuid laochra spóirt chomh maith le duine, ach an bhfuil muid féin ag cothú cultúr an chiúnais trí déithe bheaga a dhéanamh díobh? An t-eagrán seo tá Frances Mulraney ag plé le cultúr an chiúnais agus na laochra spóirt atá tar éis labhairt amach.

The garden of earthly delights


Michael Lanigan investigates prostitution in the Phoenix Park.

A lament for a stolen bike

Screen shot 2014-04-14 at 13.35.01

Fionn Rogan mourns the theft of his bike and the society that let it happen.

Troubled Waters

Screen shot 2014-04-14 at 10.41.43

In the wake of John Waters’ resignation from The Irish Times, Conor McGlynn cautions against instituting a new era of censorship in Ireland.

News: In Brief

Young People

Our news writers round up the best of this week’s news stories from youth deprivation to the College re-brand.

Campus building for Catholic institute opened despite opposition

Ciar Gifford illustration

New building for the controversial Loyola Institute opened.

The Phil have distorted the real story about the Nick Griffin affair

Fascist arse

Manus Lenihan, former TN Comment Editor, who helped to campaign against the Phil inviting Nick Griffin to speak in Trinity, gives his side of the story in response to recent claims. In 2010, 214 million people around the world lived outside of their country of origin. Most were forced to leave because of economic and […]

Trinity has hired 70 JobBridge interns


Catherine Healy News Editor 70 JobBridge interns have worked for periods of up to nine months in College since August 2011, Trinity News has learned. Out of the 70 interns that have commenced internships with Trinity through the programme, 25 are currently active in their placements. To date, only 15 interns have obtained employment within […]

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