Have we forgotten what is it to show respect?

On Sunday night, while staying in a rented apartment in Paris during Paris Fashion Week, Kim Kardashian West was robbed by two armed men who bound and gagged her before placing her in the bathtub and stealing $10 million worth of jewellery. As is to be expected in the case of a celebrity whose fame […]

Erasmus: Declassified

  Before I left for my year abroad, in a little corner of my mind, I naively rejected the belief that Erasmus wasn’t going to be a typical college year. Naturally, it was going to be a little different, I thought to myself, but what I had in mind was Trinity with some pasta sauce […]

Ireland: A Friendly Nation or Masters of Linguistic Politeness?

  Ireland regularly trumps all other nations in lists published regarding “friendly” or “welcoming” countries. Are we truly deserving of this international reputation or is there another reason behind our amiability? To take a cynical view, it may be that we are simply masters of linguistic politeness!   Linguistic politeness in a nutshell   Linguistic […]

A University is not a Factory

There has been a great deal of debate over the future of Irish universities over the past few weeks. The publication of the Cassels report, along with the plummeting of almost all Irish universities down the QS rankings, has pushed the issue of third education in Ireland into the limelight.  In this time of panic, […]

College is real, gut-wrenching, terrifying freedom

Last week a friend of mine, an incoming fresher in Law and Politics, messaged me: “My timetable is awfully sparse”, he said. He was referring to the 15 contact hours a week – a good number, in my estimation. “Welcome to college”, I said. If your degree ever brings you near the Arts Block, your […]

The Rise of New Racism

Gone are the days of segregation and fascism, when your life chances depended on the colour of your skin or eyes. Now your job prospects depend on how qualified you are, rather than where you came from. Equal opportunity is the mantra, we all begin at the same start line, the winner being he who […]

Tír gan Teanga, Tír gan anam?

Identity politics are universally fraught.   Ireland is not alone in having bitter disagreements in relation to language policy; however, it is unusual that the disagreements do not form along the lines of two cultural traditions, but that rather the intensity of the debate represents a highly internalised and conflicted notion of nation, tradition and […]

After Stephen Donnelly, what’s left?

It’s hard to believe it is just over 6 months ago that Stephen Donnelly was hoisted to roaring electoral success on foot of 14,348 first preference votes in his home constituency of Wicklow. He was, until last week, one of the three joint members of the emerging force in Ireland, the Social Democrats. In the […]

Head to Head – Taking a Byte out of Apple?

  Yes – Olly Donnelly, contributing writer The European Commission’s decision to make the Irish government claim the tax that we, as Irish taxpayers, are owed by Apple is a positive step towards reclaiming control of our economy, and towards making corporations work for us rather than themselves. Allowing any company, not especially Apple, the […]

What refugees? I don’t see any

  Ireland to date has only managed to meet 7.8% of its promised refugee resettlement quota. The Irish Refugee Protection Programmes (IRPP) was established in September 2015 in response to the ongoing refugee crisis in Europe.   The Department of Justice and Equality has described the IRPP as a multi-faceted approach towards the international protection […]


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