Trinity cannot rely on greenwashing

Trinity has a responsibility to set in place a climate strategy, and the next Provost should be at the forefront of this

Institutions such as Trinity are not exempt from greenwashing practices. Greenwashing, defined as an organisation deceptively using green values to persuade the public that their actions and policies are environmentally friendly, is driven by the heightened demand for sustainable practices …

This year’s TCDSU elections saw students favour experience over soundbites

With the new sabbatical team now chosen, it is clear voters were swayed by institutional knowledge and capability rather than outsiders

Thursday saw the conclusion of the TCDSU’s sabbatical elections. Following two weeks of solely digital campaigning, Leah Keogh, Bev Genockey, Greg Arrowsmith, Sierra Mueller Owens, Aoife Cronin and Emer Moreau were elected to the roles of President, Education Officer, Ents

We should embrace the possibility of Scottish independence

Scottish independence could be hugely influential on the formation of a United Ireland, writes Fionnán Uíbh Eachach

Promised a “devolution revolution” by Prime Minister David Cameron following the failed 2014 Scottish independence referendum, Scotland now finds itself at the whim of a Westminster government that has little interest in hearing its concerns. Much like Ireland a century …

The final hustings of the campaign season solidified expectations

Most candidates took a final opportunity to differentiate themselves from the pack at Halls hustings, but some questions could have been replaced by more pressing concerns, writes Sophie Furlong Tighe

The word “furthermore” was a recurring theme of the JCR’s Halls Hustings. The Halls specific questions from Halls were notably challenging, often containing two or three questions within them. In a phenomenon which is either a symptom of candidates’ responses

Our treatment of Britney Spears shows little has changed for women in the public eye

The recent documentary, Framing Britney Spears, has unearthed a disturbing normalisation of sexism, and regressive attitudes towards mental illness

“Name something Britney Spears has lost in the past year.” To raucous laughter and applause, the answers “her hair,” “her dignity” and “her husband” were called out on a 2008 episode of the popular game show, Family Feud. This succinctly …

Candidates will need to give it their all to impress at the final hustings of the campaign

Media and Equality hustings scrutinised candidates on the finer details of their campaigns

As the first week of campaigning came to a close, sabbatical officer candidates were afforded the opportunity to explore their manifesto points in depth at Thursday’s Media hustings and Friday’s Equality hustings. While Ents candidates and the sole Comms candidate

Council Hustings pushed the candidates in a way this election needed

Some candidates stood out while others still need to distinguish themselves, writes Grace Gageby

Nearly ninety minutes of rapid, probing questions at last night’s Council hustings saw sabbatical hopefuls put on the spot. The candidates were questioned on engagement, housing, diversity and post-pandemic student life, as well as a sea of other topics raised

Britain’s withdrawal from Erasmus+ will hinder its relationship with Ireland

The short-sighted decision to pull out of Erasmus+ will cut several ties with Ireland, and prevent the formation of future ties

Speculation on whether or not the UK would remain within the EU and EEA’s student mobility programme, Erasmus+, has ensued since the UK voted to leave the European Union in 2016. A last-minute decision resulting in the United Kingdom resolving

Irish being the fastest growing language on Duolingo is a positive step

Is Irish having a renaissance? Evan Carron-Kee discusses potential reasons for the rise in popularity of learning the language

Nearly every country saw a spike in Duolingo sign-ups after Covid-19 restrictions became widespread in March. In most of the English-speaking world, learners focused on Spanish and French. However, Ireland was the exception: 43% of new sign-ups in March and