Student library monitors shouldn’t be necessary

Desk monitors will help to prevent desk-reserving, but long-term problems of overcrowding and inadequate opening hours are the root of the library’s space issues

The news that college intends to recruit a team of students as “desk monitors” in the library during exam time has been met with a mixed reaction across campus. It has become increasingly clear that the practice of “desk hogging” …

Accessibility issues are excluding students from society life

Trinity’s poor accessibility is preventing students with access requirements from being active in College society life

Trinity’s societies often face criticism for being “cliquey” or “exclusive”, and that statement is taken even further in the case of students with mobility issues and access requirements. For many, societies are a very important part of college life, often

Trinity must do more to stop student exploitation

In a catastrophic rental market, exploitation of students is rife

A recent scandal wherein a young female tenant was offered an exchange of sexual favours in lieu of paying rent represents the exploitative, opportunistic and dangerous reality of Dublin’s current rental market. Students in the latter years of their degree

The North is now

Despite Northern Ireland’s historic progress coming straight from Westminster, the work of activists cannot be underestimated

In 2016, a woman from Belfast was prosecuted for taking an abortion pill after her flatmates reported her to the police. In January of this year, we learned that a 12-year-old victim of sexual assault had to travel to England

Are students at the heart of the new business building?

The school’s design suggests the primary motivation was creating new revenue streams, not giving undergraduates a place to learn

In 2013, planning permission was placed for the new six-story Trinity Business Building. On the May 23, 2019, it was proudly opened by An Taoiseach, Leo Varadkar. This was a momentous occasion, but as the weeks have progressed it has

Op-Ed: Budget Day has become Groundhog Day for third level funding

Jim Miley, Director General of the Irish Universities Association, calls on students to join their struggle for Third Level Funding

For anyone interested in the sustained funding of third level education in Ireland, Budget Day has become more like Groundhog Day.  

1,183 days before last week’s Budget, the Cassells Report identified the funding challenges facing our higher education system and