Erasmus must only happen next semester with increased student supports

College must continue to support students’ mental health and wellbeing in the event that they decide to go on Erasmus next term

Since its inception, the Erasmus programme has been hailed by students and academic institutions across Europe as being a rite of passage. One of the programme’s centrepieces is its support network between students and the institutions involved, be it through …

Zooming through the pressures of navigating social life in Trinity

Socialising through Zoom presents an opportunity for those who don’t drink to thrive in society life

It’s no surprise to anyone that socialising this semester has been very different and quite difficult for many, especially first years. Students are used to going out with friends, meeting for coffee, eating on the green and going to the …

Students want clarity, not false hope and optimism

Mixed messaging and empty promises are once again coming to dominate this government’s handling of student issues

The fall from grace of everyone’s favourite fascist and a slowly rising cacophony of vaccine hysteria have injected the last few weeks with a sense of hope and a tinge of optimism which seem a bit out of place in …

Social media in tandem with online college is catastrophic to our mental health

With the majority of teaching, learning, and socializing online, we must consciously take time away from our screens

As we approach the end of Michaelmas term, it is important to take time to reflect on the impact that online learning has had, not merely on academic performance, but on the wellbeing of students. While some may benefit from …

The celebritization of politics is deeply corrosive

The reduction of politics to entertainment, bite-sized trivia and personality clashes is antithetical to constructive conversation and meaningful change

Joe Biden’s election as the 46th President of the United States has led many to hope that this marks the end of what has been labelled “Trumpism”. Aside from referencing Trump’s policies and views, this is broadly used to refer …

The SUSI grant system needs to be reviewed urgently

SUSI should seek to help students, not punish them when the grant system’s promises fall short

Approximately half of all students in Ireland receive some level of financial support from Student Universal Support Ireland (SUSI) during their time in third-level education. SUSI is the country’s national awarding authority when it comes to assisting students with their

It’s time to give the Long Room back to Trinity students

In a time of such turbulence and anxiety, we have the opportunity to both reflect on the past, and reassess our present

In light of the recent conservation and redevelopment plans regarding a certain characteristic monument on campus, I have felt compelled to consider said monument, and to propose what case I can for its reconciliation with the student body.

Now is

No country for young tenants

While hailed by Minister for Housing, Darragh O’Brien as a “housing for all” document, Budget 2021 demonstrates an unambitious approach to protecting renters

Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, third-level students have undoubtedly been disregarded. While the transition to online learning is necessary to curb the spread of Covid-19, many have criticised both the government, and the colleges themselves for taking so long to announce

Online lectures should be offered free publicly

Posting samples of online lectures could be an integral part of how a student picks their course, as well as allowing the public to upskill

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought about significant change. For students across the globe, this included the transition to online learning. In person lectures, tutorials, and seminars are but a distant memory. Many students and teaching staff alike are struggling with

The government has a moral obligation to fully restore the Pandemic Unemployment Payment

Between the high cost of living in Ireland, and the impossibility of means testing PUP without those in need slipping through the cracks, the payment must be fully restored

Covid-19 has left over 125,000 people in Ireland jobless, the highest rate of unemployment we have seen in years. With the necessary close of businesses, there are people from all industries across the nation who have been made temporarily or