Erasmus in the UK is worth experiencing

Getting out of Trinity makes a welcome change

Erasmus in the UK is a unique experience. The question of “why bother?” immediately arises when the idea of merely hopping across the Irish Sea is entertained by students. The result of being relentlessly asked this question has led to

White people shouldn’t have all the answers

A past volunteer’s critique and defence of short-term volunteering in the Global South

We grow up being encouraged to help those less fortunate than we are. We should “help those who cannot help themselves”. This seems like a mantra that can only be admirable. Most of us have contributed towards charitable efforts in

A manifesto for migration activism

Ireland’s unjustifiable mistreatment of refugees and immigrants is the next frontier for social justice

Ireland has a xenophobia problem. I believe that there is something in the national conscience that makes us think we are above this truth, partially or entirely. Perhaps it is because we are a former colony that experienced oppression at

Op-ed: What’s next for BDS on campus?

Clara McCormack and Eléana Ní Mhurchú from Students for Justice in Palestine discuss the campaign so far, and what is yet to come


BDS is the Boycott, Divest and Sanctions movement against Israel, which aims to put tangible social and economic pressure on the Israeli state to comply with international law. It was launched in 2005 by over 170 Palestinian civil society organisations

Trinity needs more coordination and opportunities across departments

Electives and module choices should not be restricted so tightly to individual courses and departments

For a university that prides itself so much on the spirit of classical thinkers that graced its halls in ages gone by, Trinity’s range of educational opportunities can feel incredibly narrow and restrictive at times. Students come to historic, reputable

Using authenticity to battle the detrimental effects of Instagram

Realising the impact of social media on our mental health and taking steps to combat it is essential

Last year, after conducting some research for my Psychology class entitled “The Self in the Age of Instagram”, I took about three months off social media. The research correlated deteriorating mental health with the widely used photo-sharing app, and the

Stay or go: why should students stay in Ireland after graduation?

Between health, housing, and education — should students be leaving Ireland with their degrees?

These days, it can be difficult to decide how students should view Ireland as a part oftheir future. Recent surges of activism, progressivism, and a swell in youth votes have brought about a feeling of hopefulness for people, and a …

Graduate programs shouldn’t be our only vision of academic success

While many may feel pressured into undertaking postgraduate studies, pursuing a life outside of academia isn’t failing or giving up

At this time of final year, one of the best ways to strike fear into the hearts of myself and my Hamilton peers is with one question: “So, how are the masters applications going?” Upon hearing this, many students feel