Housing cuts make women bleed: #MeToo and the fight for economic justice

In the face of the growing de-politicisation of International Women’s Day, feminism must be firmly re-framed along class lines

Note: this article contains references to sexual violence and harassment which some readers may find upsetting 

Falling on the 8th of March each year, International Women’s Day often brings panel discussions on Women in Business, shops filled with bunches of …

Trinity needs better sexual health services

Trinity’s continued development of its sexual health and education services is vital in a sex-positive age.

It’s no secret that the sexual education students receive in secondary school is far from complete. Comprehensive instruction about sex and the prevention of STIs, as well as teaching about signs and responses to potential dating abuse, are scarcely found …

Tuition fees should be refunded

Online teaching doesn’t amount to the same learning experience as in class

It was surreal for the college community when Trinity closed its doors in March, leaving a lot of people unsure as to what to do in both a personal and an academic sense. Without strong contingency plans in place for …

College’s latest provisional results system proved successful

Easy access to grades helped to reduce stress for students during the tense results period

It’s widely-acknowledged that Trinity’s release of Michaelmas provisional results last year was a disaster. Most students were refused access to their Christmas results report when the mytcd site crashing as a result of “too much activity.” Many students experienced a

The coronavirus pandemic has exposed the pitfalls of capitalism

This health crisis has laid bare the necessity of recalibrating politics outside of the interests of profit and the stock market

The outbreak of Covid-19 is of course natural but its spread and impact is undoubtedly political, exposing the failure of the capitalist market to protect public well-being. The pandemic has exposed the need for tenant’s rights, universal healthcare, and to …

Trinity is letting down its international students

The international student experience in Trinity is characterised by confusion, broken promises, and profit-based exploitation

In March, when Trinity announced the requirement for its students to vacate accommodation on campus, Trinity Hall, Binary Hub, and Kavanagh Court, anger and frustration was expressed across all reaches of the student body. For international students, these feelings of

Trinity should not have a monopoly on its tours

Trinity tours should be used to benefit students and TCDSU

Following a recent report in The Sunday Times, the College community is now aware that the contract to provide guided tours of Trinity College was awarded to Authenticity Tours without ever issuing an invitation to tender being put out. According …

Trinity’s safety net policy is not enough

A safety net policy should acknowledge the effects coronavirus has on students right now

The talk of future employers devaluing grades awarded during the Covid-19 crisis has felt surreal. It is a sensation comparable to when you are listening to someone speak your second language, and you believe your interpretation to be at fault, …

An expansion of tobacco-free Trinity to Halls would undermine students’ autonomy

After a proposal to Council, Darragh McDonagh questions what lengths College should go to in order to stop students from smoking

In January, the Trinity’s Health Promotion Officer visited Trinity College Dublin Students’ Union (TCDSU) Council to present a proposal which had been circling: the idea of expanding Trinity’s tobacco-free campus to Trinity Hall. The presentation was informal, and designed as

An obsession with careerism shapes Trinity’s society culture

Ursula Dale explores whether Trinity’s vibrant society culture stems from students’ interests or careerism

Our collective memory of Freshers’ Week envisages Trinity’s student culture as a hub of society activity and extracurricular freedom. The vast number of options available to freshers, which particularly resonates with those such as myself who had not been