Op-ed: Students must be at the forefront of the climate justice movement

It is too easy to feel powerless, when action can and must be taken, writes Cian Kelly-Lyth of the Student Strike for Climate Action Trinity group

There is a growing feeling among young people today that we have been lied to by those in power. Throughout our time in school, we were constantly reminded of the value of caring for the environment. We were taught about

Op-ed: The University Times’ legal defence is fundamentally flawed

Law School professors Neville Cox, Oran Doyle, and David Kenny outline how the Cogley v RTÉ case can not be used as a legal defence in the current bugging scandal

, and

On March 15 2019, the University Times published an article alleging the Knights of the Campanile were implicated in an on-campus hazing evening. On March 19 2019, the newspaper published a note to its readers about its reporting methods, in

The timing of Trinity’s construction works was nonsensical and inconsiderate

Consideration for Trinity’s present students seem far from College’s mind

Despite having over 425 years of experience, Trinity still cannot seem to time things right.
Works in Fellows’ Square, which necessitated the redirecting of students via the
back of the 1937 Reading Room, began a week after students returned from

The Arts Block runway

Fast fashion and conformity run contrary to the supposed free spirited thinking of the Arts Block, writes

The Arts Block runway is a reflection of the latest trends in Trinity’s fashion ecosystem. From windcheaters to fur jackets, to the latest Fila Disruptors, the Arts Block is a multi-coloured testament to what’s hot and what’s not. College is

Student activism is more beneficial than any book

The rewarding aspects of being involved in activism as a student make it a better learning experience than many courses

A worrying aspect of College life is how little you can get away with doing. It’s possible, and arguably easier in some circles, to have no involvement in university life beyond course requirements. Getting a degree, distilled to a minimalist

Trinity’s graduation process needs to adapt for today’s students

From ceremonies entirely in Latin to awarding degrees in descending order of merit, the entire process has become elitist and outdated

With yet another year’s graduations behind us, it’s long past the time where we need to examine just how we celebrate and commemorate the graduation of Trinity students, and what should be changed about the graduation process and the ceremony

In my eighth year of competitive debating, I’m quitting for good

A parting love letter to one of College’s most popular and most maligned activities

At the top of the “extracurricular” section of my CV, it says that I reached the semi-finals of the European Debating Championships (Euros). It was in August 2017 at the Tallinn Euros, my first major university competition with my long-term