The obstacles and privileges to university admittance are alive and well

While these barriers to entry are finally beginning to crack, we need to address how privilege and wealth still dictate university placement for many

A Leaving Certificate student recently challenged the State Examination Commission’s policy to not re-check points in time to obtain their university place. Rebecca Carter had to fight for her place on the course that she would have been accepted into,

Stop mourning the supposed loss of free speech

Students in Trinity are fragile when their sense of self-righteousness is challenged

Last week the Phil cancelled their debate “This House Believes Middle Eastern Women Need Western Feminism”, largely due to backlash resulting from a piece in Trinity News. TCDSU Ethnic Minorities Officer Navika Mehta expressed the hurt and anger students had

Op-ed: Labour must accept and embrace protest

Labour Youth Chair Chloe Manahan looks to the future of the Labour movement in Ireland

Almost 100 years ago, the Democratic Programme was introduced to the first Dáil. The Labour Party, under Tom Johnson, saw to it that it reaffirmed “that all right to private property must be subordinated to the public right and welfare”.

Shifting the conversation on housing

Misdirected and neglectful political and media treatment of the housing protest signal a government without scruples

Much of the public and media reaction to the recent occupation of city centre properties, and the subsequent law enforcement response, has been deeply disappointing. Commentators are too fixated on whether the protest was “legitimate”. There is an inordinate amount …

Trinity continues to fall from grace

Dwindling CAO applicants, falling world rankings, and a worsening accommodation crisis paint the picture of a university in decline

Trinity is a university that has relied upon and thrived under its reputation. The college has a rich history, esteemed scholars, and a picturesque campus in a central location that has kept students coming for centuries. Is that reputation crumbling

“The drink is a curse”

Taking a more serious look than the Hardy Bucks, Laura Beston reflects on our relationship to alcohol

This day nine months ago marked a huge change for me. Waking up hungover from a Christmas work party, little would I know that this could be the last hangover I ever had. I have received many questions as to

Satire and the limits of free speech

Satire as a genre cannot excuse all manners of hatred and cruelty under the guise of “free speech”

In recent years, social media has diverged from its initial intended purpose – transforming a network of connections between individuals into hugely popular online platforms for discussion. Political and social discourse is no longer limited to parliaments and college debating